Thursday, October 5, 2017

Plans for our Next Road Trip

Hello there!! After a long 3 month break from blogging, I'm back to share a little life update and some upcoming fall travel plans. I essentially took the entire summer off from most commitments outside of work (including working on our house, and blogging) in favor of spending time outdoors, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. We got a puppy (our beloved Mowgli bear!) and launched a rug business (New England Loom) so it's been a crazy/fun few months watching both of those things grow. Summer is so fleeting here that I try to enjoy every second before we are stuck inside again, so home projects were definitely put on the back burner. BUT the weather changing and Mowgli not needing attention every 5 minutes means my mind is flooded with new ideas for our house - especially since we have now hit just about a year living in it and thinking about what we want long term. We still have so many rooms to tackle/finalize, so I can't wait to share photos as we start working on those.

But first, a much needed VACATION!! Buying a house and a puppy comes with a lot of responsibility both physically and financially, which meant a lot less travel than normal for us this year. I think we are both more than ready for a week away with just the two of us. And we had so much fun on our California road trip at this time last year that we decided to do a road trip again across the state of...Texas! Neither of us have ever been to the lone star state, so a week-long road trip will allow us to cover a good chunk of ground and see some vastly different towns and cities. Probably our favorite part of our CA road trip was seeing the incredible landscape/vegetation/climate changes as we moved up the coast, so we are excited to experience something similar (and quite possibly a lot of time in the middle of nowhere) in Texas. We are staying in three VERY different types of lodging over the course of our trip which should keep things interesting. Here's a rough breakdown of our route:

Day 1: Fly into El Paso and explore the city before driving north to Las Cruces, New Mexico where we are staying in this cute casita
Day 2: Day trip to the White Sands National Monument in NM
Day 3: Drive to the small desert town of Marfa, where we are staying at El Cosmico (#bucketlist)
Day 4: Explore the shops and restaurants in downtown Marfa, as well as go see el Chinati and the infamous Prada Marfa
Day 5: Drive east across the state to Austin, where we will be staying in yet another adorable Airbnb bungalow
Day 6: Day trip to Waco, TX to check out Magnolia Market, but really for the slight chance that we may bump into Chip & Joanna ;)
Day 7: Full day to explore Austin!
We are traveling over the week of Columbus Day, when thankfully it looks like the weather will be beautiful in Texas. We can't wait. We were so impressed with how Texans came together after the recent hurricanes and although our route doesn't include any cities that were directly affected by the storms, we are excited meet and talk to locals and get a small taste of Texas hospitality during our stay. And if you have been anywhere along this route and have tips (even if it's just pit stops for food or radio station recommendations!), I would love to hear them. xx