Friday, July 7, 2017

#GrazianoBungalow - The Master Bathroom (After)

Our master bathroom is complete (for now) and we have one more room checked off our home project list! As you may remember from my before post, this space was already fully functional when we moved in and we didn't have to do much to much to make it our own. The biggest drawback was the fact that everything was so stark white, something we quickly changed with a coat of paint (Tranquility by Benjamin Moore) and adding shiplap to the walls for some visual interest. Other than that, we just added some of our own decor, and here's how it looks now!

Infusing some color and a few natural elements has made our master bath so much warmer and more inviting, and I love spending time in here now. It also doesn't hurt that instead of other buildings and sirens like the city, we get to enjoy views of our pretty stone wall and so much GREEN outside our bathroom window. :) You can shop this space below and I'll be back soon to share photos of our kitchen bathroom, which we are currently tackling! xx

Thursday, July 6, 2017

#GrazianoBungalow - The Family Room (Before)

Today I'm sharing some "before" of our family room, which was actually an addition that the previous owners added to the original house. It was a huge selling point for us, given that it's spacious, lets in lots of natural light, and opens up right into the kitchen. And although the existing decor in this space was pretty dated when we moved in, I knew we could add some modern touches to this room to make it our own.

Here's how the family room looked during the open house:
Definitely not our style, but a great space right?! Unfortunately it didn't look so great without all the furniture when we moved in:
My first thought? That pink carpet HAS to go. It was actually really high quality Stark carpeting, but something just didn't feel clean about living with someone else's old rug and I knew that I would never be able to come up with a design plan that seamlessly weaved in that pink/red color. So as you can see in the photo above, josh said "out with the rug!" almost immediately when we got access to the house, especially since we wanted to get the messy hardwood floor installation done before we moved our furniture in. But thankfully, like a few other rooms in the house, we actually discovered that there were existing hardwood floors beneath the rug! Here's how the room look once we tore up the rug and took down the (lovely) striped window treatments:
The floors had turned yellow over time so needed to be refinished, but not having to install brand new hardwoods saved us a lot of money. Like the guest and master bedroom, we wanted to sand and stain the floors before we moved in, so also got started on that right away. Here's how the room looked after our first time over it with the drum sander:
Coming together! But even with these steps out of the way, there was still a lot left on our list to tackle, including removing the yellow wallpaper and then painting the entire room, the brick fireplace, and all the built in shelving. Below you can see inspiration photos for how I wanted the room to look and the project list we needed to tackle to get it there. The photos are small but you get the gist: A light grey sofa with indigo pillows and lots of natural wood, jute, and cozy textures. Stay tuned for photos coming soon of how this space looks now! xx
Family Room Project List

  1. Remove carpet and window treatments
  2. Sand floors
  3. Stain floors
  4. Remove wallpaper and paint walls
  5. Paint fireplace white
  6. Paint shelving/wet bar white
  7. Style shelves
  8. Choose a sofa
  9. Install fish tank