Saturday, May 13, 2017

#GrazianoBungalow - The Guest Room (Before)

Happy Friday! I am back today to share our plans for our guest bedroom, and give you a tour of how it looked before we moved in. Our house was marketed as a 3 bedroom, but the third bedroom is really tiny. It's perfect as a closet/dressing room (which I'm currently using it for), an office, or a nursery, but it definitely wouldn't fit a standard double bed. So since this guest bedroom would really be our only "spare" bedroom for the time being, we really wanted to make it a happy and relaxing space to welcome guests.

The previous owners (an older couple) used this room as an office, so when we toured the house it had a large built-in corner desk, a built-in dresser with divided drawers for files, and some sort of open concept closet. Here's how it looked during the open house:
It didn't exactly function how we wanted it to, but it's a great space right?! I saw that huge floor to ceiling window and all that natural light and said "I can work with this." Josh ripped out the desk and carpet almost immediately so we could get started on this space even before we moved in, and we were surprised to find white oak hardwoods underneath that had an interesting stain on them, but were overall in great condition. Our realtor had told us that there was sub-floor underneath, so that was great surprise (and cost savings) for us! Here's how the room looked when we moved in:
I had the lovely job of removing all of those carpet tack strips that are in the middle of the floor - not fun! You can also see the stain that was on the floors in these photos. It's almost like they tried to "pickle" them, but it was more of a grey/uneven whitewash and not a great look. Once we sanded off the coat of white stain, they looked like this:
Sanding the floors made a MESS, but already made such a huge difference in the room. I wish I could have just left them in their natural state (I think the color of natural wood is so pretty) but of course that's not an option so we went with a very light brown miniwax stain called Weathered Oak. We also patched all of the holes in the walls left from the built-in desk and painted the entire room a very light gray (Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore). Here's how it looked once the floors were finished & the first coat of paint was up:
So here is our project list and my inspiration mood board for our guest bedroom, including some things we still have left to tackle. I am definitely going for that "California Modern" look in here, inspired mostly by the work of Amber Lewis. I can't wait to share the final space with you!

Guest Room Project List:

  1. Remove built-in desk 
  2. Remove rug and carpet tack strips
  3. Sand & stain floors
  4. Spackle & paint walls 
  5. Paint top of the dresser white 
  6. Replace ceiling fan with a light fixture 
  7. Add a closet door 
  8. Add furniture!