Saturday, March 25, 2017

Installing Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Soooooooooo as many of you know, we ran into a giant hiccup in our kitchen a few weeks ago that set us back quite a bit when it came to progress in that space. The bad news? We had to rip out all of those beautiful hardwood floors and have been living with just the floor joists and/or subfloor for about a month now (but what has felt like an eternity). The good news? The new hardwoods are going in (again) this week and our kitchen will be back in action! And in the meantime, I'm taking you back into the kitchen today to share some photos of our DIY floating shelves.
People thought we were crazy when decided to remove the two kitchen cabinets surrounding our kitchen sink. If you remember from my "before" post, these two cabinets were brand new, provided a lot of added storage and were the only two cabinets with glass doors. But the truth was, our kitchen has so many cabinets, to the point that even without those two, we are still trying to fill them! Losing storage was the least of our worries, and I've always loved the look of open shelving as a way to display some of your prettier kitchen items. Here's what it looked like when Josh & I removed those two cabinets.
Unfortunately when removing them we discovered that the sides of the cabinets aren't painted, but a quick coat of white paint fixed that. Then all that was left was deciding which type of shelving we wanted. There are so many ways to do open shelves (here are some of my favorite open shelf kitchens), but josh & I always find ourselves drawn to the look of reclaimed wood. Josh actually found the planks we ended up using for our shelves right in the attic above our house - there are hundreds of them up there used for floorboards! He was able to just cut them down the the size we needed, I ordered some industrial-inspired brackets, and viola - a super easy DIY project with a big impact. All you really need for this project is a power drill and a level.
And then came the fun part - styling them! Between our wedding and my line of work I have accumulated a pretty extensive glassware collection over the years, and I love that I'm now able to see some of that pretty collection every day as soon as I step into the kitchen. This is how they look right now, but the best part about open shelving is the flexibility. I can't wait to switch things around all.the.time.

I will share more photos of our shelves when I post our final kitchen reveal (hopefully coming soon), but I love how much they have already added to the space. Although advised against, I'm so happy with our decision to install them and I can't wait to style and play around with them from season to season. More to come! xx

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  1. i really love your house. it surely gives the warm feeling of a home. and your shelf is a great addition to complete the look. i can see the efforts put into it. keep updating