Friday, March 17, 2017

#GrazianoBungalow - The Dining Room (Before)

Today I'm moving on to the next room in the home we are tackling - the dining room! This was one of those rooms that you see at an open house, and it's really really hard to look past all the ugly and see what the room could be. And I totally apologize if floral curtains and orange crystal chandeliers are your thing, but it just wasn't anywhere near our style! I haven't had a proper dining room for years, so my perception of them was already that they were stuffy, old-fashioned, and rarely used. And this space definitely confirmed all my dining room notions. However, as we have gotten further into the decorating process, this fixer upper dining room is actually becoming my favorite room in the entire house. Here are the lovely "before" photos from the listing:
And here is my mood board for this space! I have always been inspired by light & airy California dining rooms - brimming with natural woods & plants - so my hope was to bring a little but of that warmth to the northeast. Julianne Hough's dining room was my main source of inspiration - I've been dreaming of this space ever since we shot her backyard last spring for Joss & Main. I also already had two of these woven chairs, so my entire vision centered around those.

The listing photos and my inspiration photos look a little different, right? So here is our project list to take look from point A to point B. Most of our time rehabbing this space has been painting - we needed about 3 coats of paint (plus primer) to cover all of that green. But other than that, most of the changes have been fairly quick fixes. We swapped out the light fixture almost immediately for something more modern, and also tore up the rug to luckily find beautiful, finished hardwoods underneath. We've almost crossed everything off our list, so I will share photos of how we transformed the space in my next post. I think out of all the rooms in our home, this one will be the most unrecognizable from where it started!

Dining Room Project List 

  • Paint walls a more neutral color 
  • Remove curtains and rug
  • Replace light fixture (if anyone wants the old one please let me know) ;)
  • Add additional lighting 
  • Buy dining table and chairs 
  • Remove molding from the top of the built-ins 


  1. Seems like there has been quite a lot transformation in the room and it has been changed completely over. Well the effort for the change must have been great and the new look is loveable.

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