Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#GrazianoBungalow - The Master Bathroom (Before)

Welcome back! Our kitchen was ALMOST finished and ready to show you guys when we hit a major snafu this week that is going to delay that reveal for quite some time. Luckily we have found the root of the issue and everything is under control now, but our first couple of months of home ownership have certainly not been as pretty as the photos you see on this blog! We're hoping that after this is behind us, it is all smooth(er) sailing from here...

So I'm stepping away from our kitchen a bit today to give you a tour of the next room project we're tackling....our master bathroom. This is the place we both get ready and wrap up each day together, so was another space that we wanted to feel like home right away. I'm one of those people that sees their bathroom as their "sanctuary." It's kind of my place to just relax and escape (and get pretty), so I wanted it to feel pretty too. Luckily it already had pretty great bones, so only needed a little TLC (and scrubbing) to get it there. This is how it looked before we moved in:

Listing photo:
Move in shots:
And in terms of our design plans for the space - I love modern bathrooms and definitely want to go more modern in our guest bath, but for our master I wanted to keep the style more traditional/farmhouse. We plan on painting it in a soothing color (Tranquility by Benjamin Moore), updating the mirrors, and adding shiplap to one of the walls and in the toilet room that's behind the door. Then we'll just add some other natural elements (a rustic towel ladder, woven laundry hamper, natural rug, candles, a plant and maybe one of our stump stools) and we'll be done! At least for now.
The shiplap is up and we are very close to being done painting, so stay tuned for updates very soon! In the meantime, I'll leave you with some beautiful bathrooms I was pinning as inspiration for this space. xx