Sunday, June 11, 2017

#GrazianoBungalow - The Guest Room (After)

Our little boho guest room is finally complete! As you may remember from my before post, this room used to be a fairly masculine office.
But this is how we wanted it to look and feel! Lighter, brighter, and just overall a more fun place to welcome guests.
So as soon as we moved in, we got to work transforming this space. I shared photos of our initial progress in my last post, where we removed the built in desk, removed the rug and carpet strips, sanded and stained the floors, and painted the walls in a lighter shade of "Classic Grey" by Benjamin Moore. Once all that more time consuming (and messy) stuff was out of the way, it was really just time for the fun part - the decorating!
While our master bedroom is much more neutral (more on that coming soon!), I was going for that "California modern" look in this bedroom and really wanted to have some fun with color. The first thing we added to the corner of this space was one of the peacock chairs that we found at an antique store and actually sat in at our wedding. As you might remember, the other one found a home in our dining room! I tossed a vintage indigo pillow on the chair and hung some of my favorite Batik-inspired prints on the wall and we had ourselves a pretty cozy corner that would act as the inspiration for the entire room. 
From there, I began unpacking loads of boxes I had packed with frames, collectibles, and decorative objects to fill the built-in bookcases. The room actually looked really funny for a while, because all the shelves were completely styled before we even had any furniture!
Next, we brought in the woven bed (which I admittedly stole from my childhood bedroom at home), and I love how much texture it brings to the room. My bedroom at home was filled with turquoise accents and very coastal which obviously works perfectly with this bed, but thankfully I think it also works just as well (if not better) in here! Once the bed was in, we piled lots of modern complimentary pillows onto it and also a few of my favorite vintage rugs on the floor, both which brought the pops of color to the room that I was looking for.
After that we installed a woven light fixture, which was a HUGE improvement from the ceiling fan. Finally, we worked with Marc of Hopes Woodshop (who also built our dining room table) again to install a custom closet door. There wasn't an existing door when we moved into the house, and it was such an eyesore to have boxes piled in there with no door to hide them. Marc did such an amazing job!! I mean, is that not the most epic, beautiful set of sliding closet doors you've ever seen? I am obsessed with herringbone (if you couldn't tell already) and sent Marc this photo & this photo as inspiration for our closet. He nailed it!
I'm so happy our second bedroom is complete just in time for summer visitors! You can shop this post below, and feel free to check back here or at #grazianobungalow for more home updates, Thanks for following along as we make this house our home!
^ Rug, Light FixtureBed, Quilt, Pillows (similar), Pillows (similar). bamboo end table, Indigo art, Horse art (similar) 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

#GrazianoBungalow - The Guest Room (Before)

Happy Friday! I am back today to share our plans for our guest bedroom, and give you a tour of how it looked before we moved in. Our house was marketed as a 3 bedroom, but the third bedroom is really tiny. It's perfect as a closet/dressing room (which I'm currently using it for), an office, or a nursery, but it definitely wouldn't fit a standard double bed. So since this guest bedroom would really be our only "spare" bedroom for the time being, we really wanted to make it a happy and relaxing space to welcome guests.

The previous owners (an older couple) used this room as an office, so when we toured the house it had a large built-in corner desk, a built-in dresser with divided drawers for files, and some sort of open concept closet. Here's how it looked during the open house:
It didn't exactly function how we wanted it to, but it's a great space right?! I saw that huge floor to ceiling window and all that natural light and said "I can work with this." Josh ripped out the desk and carpet almost immediately so we could get started on this space even before we moved in, and we were surprised to find white oak hardwoods underneath that had an interesting stain on them, but were overall in great condition. Our realtor had told us that there was sub-floor underneath, so that was great surprise (and cost savings) for us! Here's how the room looked when we moved in:
I had the lovely job of removing all of those carpet tack strips that are in the middle of the floor - not fun! You can also see the stain that was on the floors in these photos. It's almost like they tried to "pickle" them, but it was more of a grey/uneven whitewash and not a great look. Once we sanded off the coat of white stain, they looked like this:
Sanding the floors made a MESS, but already made such a huge difference in the room. I wish I could have just left them in their natural state (I think the color of natural wood is so pretty) but of course that's not an option so we went with a very light brown miniwax stain called Weathered Oak. We also patched all of the holes in the walls left from the built-in desk and painted the entire room a very light gray (Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore). Here's how it looked once the floors were finished & the first coat of paint was up:
So here is our project list and my inspiration mood board for our guest bedroom, including some things we still have left to tackle. I am definitely going for that "California Modern" look in here, inspired mostly by the work of Amber Lewis. I can't wait to share the final space with you!

Guest Room Project List:

  1. Remove built-in desk 
  2. Remove rug and carpet tack strips
  3. Sand & stain floors
  4. Spackle & paint walls 
  5. Paint top of the dresser white 
  6. Replace ceiling fan with a light fixture 
  7. Add a closet door 
  8. Add furniture! 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

#GrazianoBungalow - Our Dining Room (After)

Me again!! I'm back today with photos of another completed space - our dining room! Of all the rooms in our house, I think this room looks the most drastically different from how it did when we moved in. You may remember these bright green walls from my "before" post...
Our dining room feeds into both our kitchen and living room, so I really wanted this space to feel bright, airy, and overall like a welcoming, enjoyable place to host company AND just to pass through every day. I basically wanted it to look like this:
And here is how it ACTUALLY looks now!
^Photo credit: Hopes Woodshop

I never thought I needed (or wanted) a dining room, but I can honestly say that now this is one of my favorite spaces in our home. I love dimming the lights and having dinner here with josh, hosting friends, and can't wait to eventually host our first Thanksgiving or Christmas here. Here's how we hacked away at our dining room project list, and made this room a little less green. ;)

Dining Room Project list 

1. Paint walls a more neutral color 
Obviously this was a drastic change that transformed the room almost instantly. We did choose to leave the inside of the built-in cabinets the original green as a nod to how the room once was (and because I was too lazy to paint inside there), but we painted the rest of the room Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore. We left the chair rail white but painted over the rectangular white moldings to make the room feel a bit less formal. We currently have my Dad's Audubon bird collection hanging in this room, which definitely makes a statement!

2. Remove curtains and rug
We opted go sans curtains in this room for now as we love the floor to ceiling windows and all the light that pours through those. We also swapped the wall-to-wall carpeting with this 8x10 rug that we had in our apartment! We were so lucky that this room was one of the few in our house that already had existing (finished) hardwood floors.

3. Replace light fixture and add additional lighting
The light fixture in the center of the room was our sole source of light in this entire room, which made for a pretty dark dining environment at night. We had an electrician add some additional spot lights (which has made a huge different after dark) and also added this light fixture from Ikea. At under $60 for such a statement piece- it was a steal! I think it's my favorite part of the room and I love the magical light pattern it reflects onto the ceiling at night.

4. Buy dining table and chairs
These are never something either of us have actually owned! I think the moment we truly realized we were adults was when we needed proper formal dining room furniture.We already had two of these chairs at our apartment next to our sofa, so ordered a couple more to complete the set, along with a farmhouse dining bench (I love the mix & match look). The dining table is a custom made piece from Hopes Woodshop that was a move-in gift from my parents. It's made entirely from one tree, and we are obsessed with it. I can't recommend Marc highly enough if you are looking for any custom made wood pieces for your home.

5. Remove molding from the top of the built-ins
As you will see from the above photos, those funny moldings remain! Some days I love them and some days I hate them, but they are definitely growing on us so we decided to leave them for now.

Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon with photos of our finished master bathroom! Everything seen in these photos is linked below and as always, you can follow along with our home progress here or on Instagram at #grazianobungalow. xx

^Sources: Blue rug, Rattan bar cart (now sold out, similar here), Peacock chair (vintage find, similar here), sheepskin rug, dining table, pendant light, dining chairs, throw pillows, faux fig, tall white pot, succulent pot (ours are real, but similar here), farmhouse dining bench