Friday, July 29, 2016

Plans for our California Road Trip

Happy Friday! I'm writing today's post to share a little bit about josh and my next adventure, as well as source some much-needed travel advice from all of you! At the end of the August, we will be taking 10 days to drive up the coast of California - something we've talked about doing together pretty much since the day we started dating. Believe it or not, josh & I have never been to the state of California, outside of a quick work trip I took to LA for a shoot. The only taste of the beautiful west coast we've had is though photos, magazines, or movies, so we're so excited to finally experience it for ourselves. Here's the plan:

  • Weekend 1: We bought one-way tickets to Los Angeles, where we will be staying in the cutest little Airbnb that we've rented in Venice Beach for the weekend with some of our best friends. 
  • Monday: We leave LA to drive up the coast to Big Sur, potentially stopping in Santa Barbara along the way for lunch.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday: We'll be staying in a yurt at Treebones for two nights and exploring Big Sur.
  • Wednesday/Thursday: Wednesday we'll continue the drive up to Carmel for a night, and will be doing the 17-mile drive along the way. 
  • Weekend 2: We'll end the trip in San Francisco, were we'll be visiting one of josh's best friends and celebrating his 28th birthday! Then we fly back to the good old east coast from San Francisco on Sunday.

So here is my ask to you! Over the next month or so, I would LOVE any and all recommendations when it comes to things to do, see, eat or visit during our time out west (road map below). Given that I've wanted to take this trip for years, I have tons of notes jotted down already, but I always find that the best tips come from people I know. We'll be renting some type of vehicle, so can make necessary pit stops along the way, or even veer off the beaten path to see anything worth seeing (or eat anything worth eating). ;)

We've always been a little overwhelmed by the prospect of visiting California because there's so much that we want to see and do there, so we are definitely going to try and squeeze as much into these 10 days as possible. And I also know that there are so many amazing CA destinations that aren't on the road map for this trip (San Diego, Napa, Lake Tahoe, we are coming for you!), and we certainly would love to return to see even more in the future. But for now, these stops are all we feel comfortable squeezing into this particular trip, while still having time to relax, enjoy time with friends, and soak it all in!

So thanks for reading, and please feel free to reach out with any and all travel recommendations! I will be sure to share photos after our trip and in the meantime, you can follow along on our travels at #joshandlutravels. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Family Trip to Hilton Head, SC

It's that time of the year again! The month of June is what I like to call "Gemini season", where my entire family (aside from myself) celebrates their birthdays. This year was extra exciting because my Dad turned the big SIX-O, so as a gift my mom planned a trip for the whole family. There were a few locations that were contenders for the trip, but we ultimately decided on Hilton Head, which is a place my parents have become very fond of. I am lucky in that I do get to see my family fairly frequently, but it was still nice to escape for a few days to experience somewhere new. I don't think we have all been under one roof for a night since our wedding! We enjoyed hours of ocean time (in water that was warmer than the air), some amazing seafood, lots of live country music, and overall enjoyed the slower way of life down there. My favorite part had to be traveling everywhere by bike! Bikes really rule the roads down there, and it was awesome.

As a birthday gift to my parents, my siblings, josh & I all pitched in to get a professional photographer to capture some photos of us on the beach. I stumbled upon Savannah-based photographer Rach Loves Troy via Instagram, and am so glad I did! She has a beautiful eye and shoots with film, which I've officially been converted to ever since our wedding. If you are ever in the low-country and are interested in a quick shoot, definitely give her a call! We rarely get photos all together as a family, so I think that capturing this trip in a way that we can save forever was one of the best gifts we could have given. Christmas card, check!
^ so corny, but I love it!

Since my last Travel Tuesday update, I've added even more trips to this year's list, including a last minute jaunt to Norfolk, VA to visit my best friend Emily in her new home before we jetted off to Tulum. I've also traveled to Utah and Florida in the last few months for some exciting #jossandmainmakeover shoots, and I feel sure I'll be off to several other locations for work before the year ends. When it comes to vacations, josh & I also have plans for an exciting California road-trip in the works, which I'll be sure to share details around soon! Until then, you can keep up with us on Instagram @ #joshandlutravels. xx