Friday, December 4, 2015

This week on Marlborough 12.04

Happy Friday! It's officially been a month since a last updated this little blog, and I apologize for the radio silence. It's been a busy month with a lot of travels and transitions, but I do hope that this post marks my return to weekly blogging. I've been great at updating you guys on details from our wedding and honeymoon, but not so great at recapping how it's been returning to a more normal schedule, settling into married life, and just regular happenings in our lives. So here is a little peek into what I've been up to since my last update!

     - I switched jobs (again!). I'm back at Wayfair, heading up social media & PR initiatives for our flash sale site, Joss & Main.
     - I traveled to Pensacola to visit one of my best friends, Emily! It was so much fun exploring the area with her and seeing the place she called home for so long. 
     - Josh and I flew to Florida again to stand by one of my best friends' as she got married! Lucy was such a beautiful bride.
     - We hosted our first Friendsgiving. It was delicious.
     - We booked flights to Denver for New Years! I will be turning 27 while there, we will get to see lots of friends, and it will be Josh's first time skiing out west, so we are pretty excited to say the least. 
     - Our wedding photos were featured on Style Me Pretty! You relive #joshandlusayido in part one here and part two here.
     - We celebrated Thanksgiving day with my family this year, and then headed up to Vermont for Thanksgiving with Josh's family. The best of both worlds.
     - One of my best friends Erin had a baby!! Welcome to the world, little Leo Tefft. You are already so loved. 
And to add to all of the excitement, it's the holiday season! It truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year, and I hope to have some fun Christmas content to share here shortly, mainly some DIY gift ideas, a gift guide, and possibly a holiday home tour. The photo above is of the tree that josh and I picked out and decorated this week, which has become one of my favorite traditions that we've started together since living together on Marlborough. Each year goes a little something like this...

1. spend way to long picking out the "perfect" tree
2. get tree into house, bicker about who is making more of a mess dropping pine needles
3. go back and forth for 20 minutes trying to stand the tree up "straight"
4. realize we've been staring at the tree so long we no longer know if it's straight and settle on it being slightly crooked
5.  josh lights a fire
6. I turn on our favorite Christmas tunes
7. put on LLBean slippers
8. pull our ornaments out of storage, look at each one adoringly like they are long lost friends
7. the decorating begins!

Getting the tree is always a big endeavor, especially when living in the middle of the city, but it's one of the traditions I most look forward to. The single most frequent question we've received since getting married is "How's married life? Is it different?" and the honest answer is....not really! For the most part, our lives are exactly the same as they were before. But what's different are the little things, like calling josh my "husband", signing documents with "Graziano", checking off the "spouse" box on our healthcare forms, and the moment when we are picking out a Christmas tree, and I realize that I'm doing it with my husband for the first time. To the blind eye, nothing has really changed. But the sense of security and happiness I feel in knowing that no matter where life takes us, josh and I will be decorating a tree together at Christmas for the rest of our lives, actually changes everything. There is a whole another level of commitment to each other now, and I so love hearing him call me his wife.
And without further ado, some fun links from around the web!

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  • Did you catch the winners of the National Geographic photo contest? The whale shot is incredible. 
  • 10 beautiful restaurants I'm dying to visit. 
  • The Everygirl always has one of my favorite gift guides, and they didn't disappoint this year! 
  • I was terrified of rain on my wedding day. But I love how this couple braved complete downpour with a smile. Don't miss the video!
  • A delicious looking way to use your leftover Thanksgiving turkey
  • The Christmas decor in our apartment this year is all about simple greens. I loved these 3 beautifully simply decorating ideas! 

Have a great weekend! xx

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