Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Wedding Video

This Christmas we got the best present of all... our full wedding video! Curling up in bed with josh and reliving our wedding day nearly 5 months later was the BEST. Seeing all of those moments I remember fondly - crying at every single rehearsal dinner speech, locking eyes with josh as I walked down the aisle and feeling my heart explode, driving up to our cocktail hour and seeing all of our friends and family for the first time - really took me back to exactly how I was feeling in those moments. However, in the whirlwind that was our wedding day, there is also so much that both josh and I missed, so we loved watching some of the comments, laughs, and seriously impressive dance moves that we didn't get to witness that day. The Blue Kite Boys did such an incredible job of capturing every part of the weekend, and I'm so happy that we have that little piece of time recorded to look back on forever. 

People often ask me if it was worth it to book a videographer and my answer is always absolutely yes, hands down. The photos capture a lot, but there is so much that happens in between those photos - all of those heartfelt speeches, our wedding party's funny entrance, our first dance, our teary vows etc. - that we likely would have become distant memories over time if it weren't for this video. So to all future brides-to-be: my one piece of advice is to hire a videographer (specifically Blue Kite Cinema). ;) Not only do Nick + Colin do an amazing job of capturing the memories so that you can relive them forever, but they also become part of those memories. Josh and I probably spent just as much time with those two as we did with each other over the course of the weekend, and we genuinely loved having them around (and miss them)!

So when you have 30 minutes to spare, feel free to take a look back to August 15th. Thanks to all our loved ones that shared the day with us, you are the ones that made it so memorable. xo


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