Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ultimate Taste-Off: Shake Shack vs. Tasty Burger

As you may have heard, it was national cheeseburger day a couple of weeks ago! And I don't know about you, but that day is a big deal in our household. Josh and I are huge cheeseburger fans, but not in the sense of those big, juicy burgers like most people. Rather, we have a weakness for those thin, greasy, mouth-watering burgers from places like Five Guys, Shake Shack, Tasty Burger, and Al's and make a point to visit all those places frequently to satisfy our cravings.

So naturally, when national cheeseburger day rolled around, we were torn between two of our favorites for dinner, Shake Shack and Tasty Burger, both located about the same walking distance from our apartment. We've always loved the two  individually, so it was a tough decision that admittedly involved a long discussion and a short pros and cons list. But then we thought - what if we tried both burgers in one night, back to back, to really settle the score? And what better night for a little cheeseburger competition than CHEESEBURGER DAY! So it was settled, and we were off to eat at both locations. All I can say is thank God this holiday fell AFTER the wedding diet... ;)

*Disclaimer: we both had eaten almost nothing this day and were very hungry so the fact that we went to one before the other in no way skewed our opinions or the results.
First Stop: Shake Shack
234 Newbury St. Boston, MA
Our first stop was Shake Shack, were I ordered the basic ShackBurger (josh added bacon to his) and we shared an order of fries. What I love about their burgers is how they are tucked into a bun that is sealed on one side, almost like a pocket, so the burger, lettuce, tomato, and their signature ShackSauce are all arranged perfectly. We wanted to save some room in our stomachs, but they also have the best milkshakes and several beers on tap!
Second Stop: Tasty Burger
145 Dartmouth St. Boston, MA
The second stop was Tasty Burger where I also ordered the basic cheeseburger (josh added bacon again) and an order of fries. Tasty Burger's burgers are a bit thicker, the buns are seeded, and they don't come with any sauce but there's tons of different condiments on each table. We added, ketchup, mustard and a little mayo!
The verdict: Shake Shack Wins! After thoroughly enjoying both burgers, we both found the Tasty burger and bun to be a bit more dry, whereas Shake Shack's burger almost melts in your mouth and their bun is toasted to perfection. And in the end, there really was no way to compete with that Shake Shack sauce (I have no idea what that stuff is but it's incredible)! Plus, Shake Shack's crinkle fries beat out Tasty Burger's fries by a landslide. So, the score is settled!! Although both delicious, we'll be choosing Shake Shack for future burger date nights.

Have a different favorite burger joint? Disagree with our verdict? Feel free to share! We hope you enjoyed national cheesburger day as much as we did and if not, get out and celebrate! xx


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