Friday, September 11, 2015

DIY Bridesmaids Gift Baskets

^ photo by Brumley & Wells

One of my most favorite memories from our wedding weekend is having a few minutes alone with my bridesmaids right before our rehearsal dinner to open small baskets I had put together for each of them. I've always loved giving gifts, but this time around was extra special because it was to thank the ladies I love most for being there every step of the way this past year, and each little goody in the basket had something to do with josh and I personally, or was something for our big day. I had so much fun assembling them the week before, personalizing each one for each friend, and reminiscing on so many fond memories while writing notes to all of them. I sure do love that crazy bride tribe of mine!

To put together each gift, I started by finding baskets I loved and that I thought everyone would use again. Then I added a couple things that the girls could wear on our wedding weekend (robes, earrings, flash tattoos & hats), some all-time favorite snacks of josh and mine (lake Champlain chocolates, Lark cookies), and finally just added some "pretty" with mini bottles of rose and gold embossed cards. You can see how they came together and shop all of our basket picks below!

1. Mini bottle of Rosé! Because you need something to toast with, right?? These mini bottles were adorable, fit perfectly into the baskets, and it was pretty funny seeing everyone (male and female) carrying them around at 2am after the wedding.

2. Baskets. I really like the banana leaf baskets I found at World Market, especially since they can be used just about anywhere in your home even after the wedding. But you could use any basket or even cute bags for this!

3. Bride Tribe flash tattoos. Each of us put on one of these flash tattoos the night before the wedding and I LOVE how fun they looked and how they united us as a group. Plus seeing that flash of gold as all of them waved their arms on the dance floor actually helped me find people!

4. Thank you notes.  If you can't tell already, the theme of the basket was gold & pink, and these Kate Spade notes fit perfectly. But other than being pretty, they were the perfect way to write a personalized note to each of my best friends, all who I have such unique & amazing memories with.

5. Floral Robes. I knew I wanted to get all the girls robes to get ready in, and I immediately fell in love with these floral coral robes when I found them on Etsy. Once ordered, I was able to provide all the girls' heights/sizes so they all fit perfectly, and they all looked adorable running around getting ready in them on the morning of our wedding.

6. Lobster Hats. Lee's market (the only grocery store in Westport) sells cute lobster baseball hats, so we got one in a different color for all of the bridesmaids. Perfect for the beach and a nod to a coastal New England wedding!

7. Lake Champlain Granola Five Star Bars. If you haven't tried one of these before, you really should. They are insanely good. My family first tried them when first visiting josh and I up in Vermont, and have been obsessed ever since, so we included them in these baskets as well as the welcome bags for all guests. Plus, we loved that it added a touch of Vermont to the welcome!

8. Lark Salted Rosemary Shortbread Cookies. These are my absolute favorite cookies ever, so I was so excited to share the amazingness with my bridesmaids and all of our guests. And so many random people have texted me asking where to get the "cookies from the wedding." Well, you can get them here. And they are made right on the Northshore!

9. Earrings. With the beautiful flowers & crowns that all the bridesmaids would have for the wedding, I knew I wanted their jewlery to be simple, and these earrings from Anthro were a great find. It was a bit complicated organizing the correct letter for each bridesmaid, but I love how the letters made this gift personalized to each girl and were simple but still pretty and fun. And if you didn't notice from all the "L's" and "J's" in wedding photos already, I'm pretty obsessed with letters. :)
So the contents of the basket are obviously very tailored to you, but these are just some ideas! Happy basket making. :)


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