Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Signing Off!

Guys, our wedding week has finally arrived!! People keep asking me how I'm feeling, and it's such a hard question for me to answer. I think that mostly I'm just in a state of disbelief. Disbelief that I am marrying such an amazing guy. Disbelief that it honestly feels like just yesterday that josh proposed and now here we are a year later, about the tie the knot. Disbelief that all of our wedding day details are actually all coming together in the way I'd always envisioned. I wish I could say I'm as cool as a cucumber, but I think that anyone who has gone through this process would agree that its impossible not to be emotional. But I can say that I have made it over the worried/nervous hump and am now just feeling super excited.

This past year has been so incredibly wonderful in so many ways, and I can't thank everyone who reads this little blog enough for all of your support, kind comments, and well wishes for josh and I over the past year. I've shared so much of our wedding planning process here, and I'm thankful that I'll have those posts forever to look back on and remember this time in our lives. If you are just getting here, you can take a little trip down #joshandlusayido memory lane below. I read each and every one of these posts again as I was writing this and wow, this past year has been pretty fun.
And now I am signing off for a few weeks to marry the guy that has my whole heart. Even though most of what I've written about here is about pretty tablescapes, invitations, dresses and suits, the part I'm truly looking forward to most on our wedding day is simply walking down the aisle to him. A HUGE thanks goes out to 42 NorthMstarr Design, and to my parents, who have truly been the brains behind this operation and who I know will make it a weekend that josh and I will never forget. If you want to keep up with us over the next few days, you can follow our hashtag #joshandlusayido. Next time I'm back here, I'll officially be a Mrs. Let'd do this!!

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