Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Where to Register for Wedding Gifts (& Bridal Shower Photos!)

Registering for gifts has been one of the most fun parts of the wedding process for me so far. I mean come on, spending hours online and in stores looking at pretty things that could potentially be in your home one day? It doesn't get much better for any shopaholic. And josh doesn't exactly get quite as excited about dish towels and bedding as I do, but when I brought him into Home Depot and told him he could add whatever he needed to our registry, his smile was pretty big too. And what's even more special about registering is that when someone else gives you something you love or need as a wedding gift, you will be constantly reminded of that person every time you see it or use it together. It's almost like having a piece of every single wedding guest in your home forever. And that's pretty cool! When we set up our registry, we used MyRegistry.com (which I love because you can register for everything all in one place!) and had 3 goals in mind:

1. Think about guests
We have a decent amount of linens for our bedroom, but a lot of the items on our registry are for our guest bedroom, which we currently only have one pair of sheets for that we have to race to wash constantly when have friends stay over. And one day we might have multiple spare bedrooms, so we want to make sure we are stocked with bedding & towels for all the friends & family we hope to host!

2. Replace old stuff
Since we've lived together for a couple of years now, we have most of the typical items you see on registries, but a lot of it is still from college. For example: the folding laundry basket from my college dorm room that's falling apart, the combined mishmash of silverware we've used for 8+ years, and the drinking glass collection we've accumulated with various beer brands on them (which was pretty cool in college, but not so cool anymore). Replace!

3. Think about our future home
We don't have a ton of room for entertaining in our apartment now, but we hope to do a lot of entertaining in whatever home we end up in down the road! So a lot of what's on our registry now, like pretty gold-rimmed china, a gas grill, and a fire pit are things that we may not be able to use now, but will be so grateful to have for future entertaining.
And no matter what your registry needs are, here are the best places that I've found to look for gifts!

- For the basics: Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, Wayfair
Luckily josh and I have most of the basics between the two of us, but if you are starting from scratch, these are the places to look! They have everything "home" you would ever need, at varying price points and styles. As I mentioned, there are many items we want to "upgrade", and this is where we started.

- For the kitchen: West Elm, Provisions by Food 52, Anthropologie
These places have such pretty (and unique) kitchen items! 

- For the bedding: Restoration Hardware, Urban Outfitters
Many places sell bedding, but when registering I was actually surprised by how much both of these stores offer when it comes to great sheets and duvet options on both ends of the spectrum - Urban Outfitters on more of the fun, affordable side and Restoration Hardware on the high-end, high-quality side.
- For the pretty: Anthropologie, One Kings Lane, Lulu & Georgia, Etsy
A lot of what's on our registry is admittedly to "beautify" our home someday, and I absolutely cannot wait to do that. If you are like me and are looking for pieces that both serve a purpose AND look beautiful, these are the places to find those pretty, decorative items.
- For the Fiancé : Home Depot, Terrain, Amazon, Target
Josh's registry picks certainly stand out a bit from mine and are very outdoor focused (a nice grill, fire pit, tent, and hammock), but are all things we both need and love. He also picked out some new power tools and bluetooth speakers, which were gifts that were so fun to receive at my shower because I knew how excited he'd be. If you want to have a garden someday (like josh) pots and planters are also great things to add to your registry!
And finally, here are some photos of my bridal shower this past weekend! A huge thanks to my Godparents and my bridesmaids who made it such a special and memorable day for me. The ladies in these photos are truly the best.

Have you found any other great places to register for unique gifts? I'd love to know! xx

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