Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Living Room Rug Refresh (& Giveaway!)

*This post is sponsored by RugPadUSA. All words and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog!

As you may remember from our Woodstock trip a few weeks back, we left Vermont with some pretty awesome antique rugs! And one of those rugs was just the perfect size for the little space in our living room in front of the couch, so that is where it's been living ever since. We love it, but the one issue that we faced right away was that vintage rugs and hardwood floors don't exactly mix. I would move the rug to the perfect position, and then about a day later after having a few friends over or after mac chasing a toy over it, the rug would be all bunched up or in a completely different position. And with me being the perfectionist that I am, that wasn't going to fly!!
So when RugPadUSA reached out asking me to test out one of there American-made rug pads, it literally couldn't have been more perfect timing. It was answer to our rug issue, and luckily they had pads for almost any type of space and situation. You start by choosing your floor type (in our case it was hardwoods) and then you can see a list of rug pad options for that floor type from there, which are all rated in terms of cushion, durability, and grip. From our experience with our rug thus far, we knew we needed the absolute highest rating when it came to grip, but also wanted a bit of cushion since I often do workouts at home in that space in front of the TV and it's also Mac's favorite place to sleep. Here are the main options we considered!
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1. Premium Lock
Cushion: 5, Durability: 5, Grip: 5
This seems like pretty much the best rug pad you can get out there! It has a super sturdy rubber bottom, can be used on almost any type of floor (including a deck!) and is made from recycled materials. However, we decided it was just a bit too heavy duty for our little vintage rug.

2. Eco Solid
Cushion: 3, Durability: 5, Grip: 5
This is RugPadUSA's best gripping rug for even the most stubborn area rugs! If you didn't need much cushion, this would be the rug pad for you, but we just wanted a little more in terms of "comfort" than this one offered.

3. Super Lock Natural
Cushion: 2, Durability: 5, Grip: 5
This is their best-selling non-slip rug for hardwood floors. I loved that it was thin and all-natural and again would be a perfect option if you weren't looking for cushion.

4. Eco-Cushion
Cushion: 4, Durability: 5, Grip: 5
This is the one we went with! Because of it's soft nature, this rug pad is ideal for higher end oriental type rugs that you want to protect over time. We love that it ranked high in terms of grip while also still having a good amount of cushion for all the time we spend on it. Plus, it's eco-friendly and doesn't have any of those harmful chemical fillers that most imported pads have!
So thanks to RugPadUSA for solving our little rug slippage issue and making finding the right rug pad so easy! Our eco-cushion pad fits perfectly under our rug, feels great under foot, and isn't moving an inch. It's finally in its place and there to stay! And the best part of the process was that RugPadUSA makes all of their pads custom, so even if your rug isn't a standard size (like ours), there is an option right there to add custom measurements. Plus, free shipping doesn't hurt either.

Need a new rug pad for your home? RugPadUSA is generously giving one away to a lucky Mac & Marlborough reader! Simply head to their site, browse their rug pad options, and comment below with which rug pad you'd like to win (and which room you'd use it in!) to enter. :)

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  1. I love their 100% felt rug pad!

    1. Hey Elise! You are the winner of this rug pad giveaway! Please email lindseybach@yahoo.com with what size you need. Congrats and I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. I like the eco-cushion pad. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I would like the Premium Lock.

  4. I would like to get a premium lock pad for my living room (which has a hardwood floor).