Friday, May 29, 2015

This week on Marlborough 5.29

Happy Friday and I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! It's crazy what a difference a 3-day weekend makes. Josh and I spent most of the weekend relaxing down in Westport, where we enjoyed some sun, lots of seafood, and made great progress on the bars josh is building for the wedding (sneak peak here!). Summer has officially arrived!

Last week was also the start of what I like to call "Gemini season" - which is a short period every year in which everyone in my family's birthdays fall but mine. That's right - my mom, dad, brother and sister were all born within about 20 days of each other, making them all Geminis. And I used to believe in astrological signs, given that I am a pretty prefect fit for all of the general Capricorn traits (I was born in January), but then when I look at each of my family members, how distinctly unique and different their personalities are, all my belief in astrology goes right out the window. They all have their own amazing characteristics but at the same time are so dissimilar that to me, it seems impossible that they could all fall under the same sign. But either way this time of the year is so fun, because we get to do a little celebrating for each one of them individually. :)

Does your astrological sign match your personality? Do you think there is any truth to them or are the traits all coincidence? My sister Caroline is the Gemini up next (she turns 22 on Monday), and we can't wait to celebrate with her this weekend!
And here are some fun links from around the web this week...

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Have a great summer weekend!

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