Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Plans For Our Patio: Round 2

^ our pretty patio last summer

As you may remember, at around this time last year I posted our plans for our patio, which at that time was in pretty rough shape and needed a lot of love before it was ready for spring. But come early June, after a lot of work, it looked more like this and we spent many summer days & nights enjoying time out there.

Well, as bad as those photos looked last year, I can safely say this year is much much worse.  Since there was 4 feet of snow back there for most of the winter, things have taken a little while to thaw. Our patio tree, which at this time last year was fairly full and beginning to flower, has barely even started to bud. And to make matters messier, we decided to redo our outdoor closet, which was deteriorating even before our crazy winter, so that's making the patio look even more like a war zone. Bottom line - we've got our work cut out for us to get this space ready by June once again!
^ Our patio closet "before" - the doors don't close and are falling off!
Luckily, last year we tackled a bunch of projects to really "beautify" the space, like:
- Staining the fence
- Hanging string lights, mason jar candles, and installing overhead lights
- DIYing some hanging succulent planters (that made it through the winter and will be hung back up again soon)!
- Buying a weather-resistant outdoor rug
- Making some clay pieces in pottery class to serve as planters
- Painting some weathered stumps to serve as end tables

And we're so excited to get all of those things in place again! The biggest change this year will be the addition of a new outdoor closet, which will actually be functioning and can better store extra soil, pots, shovels, firewood, etc to keep clutter hidden away. We also need to replant our 4 large planters, which makes a huge difference in bringing the space to life. And if you didn't notice from the above photos, we sold our rattan outdoor set to a lucky Craigslist shopper! It was passed on to us from the previous owner, and just never really fit the space. So we opted for a sectional instead, that we are hoping will provide the same amount of seating while making it feel much less cramped.

So here's our to-list for this year and the look we are going for. I hope you'll follow along as it all comes together again!

- Finish and organize outdoor closet
- Sweep away wood shavings, hose down patio
- Replant planters
- Hang succulent planters back up
- Set up new outdoor furniture
- Sew some outdoor pillows

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