Friday, May 29, 2015

This week on Marlborough 5.29

Happy Friday and I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! It's crazy what a difference a 3-day weekend makes. Josh and I spent most of the weekend relaxing down in Westport, where we enjoyed some sun, lots of seafood, and made great progress on the bars josh is building for the wedding (sneak peak here!). Summer has officially arrived!

Last week was also the start of what I like to call "Gemini season" - which is a short period every year in which everyone in my family's birthdays fall but mine. That's right - my mom, dad, brother and sister were all born within about 20 days of each other, making them all Geminis. And I used to believe in astrological signs, given that I am a pretty prefect fit for all of the general Capricorn traits (I was born in January), but then when I look at each of my family members, how distinctly unique and different their personalities are, all my belief in astrology goes right out the window. They all have their own amazing characteristics but at the same time are so dissimilar that to me, it seems impossible that they could all fall under the same sign. But either way this time of the year is so fun, because we get to do a little celebrating for each one of them individually. :)

Does your astrological sign match your personality? Do you think there is any truth to them or are the traits all coincidence? My sister Caroline is the Gemini up next (she turns 22 on Monday), and we can't wait to celebrate with her this weekend!
And here are some fun links from around the web this week...

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  • I visited this new bakery this week and it's amazing!
  • The new book everyone is raving about. Going to be my next read!
  • An ultimate summer berry pizza that has my mouth watering. 
  • I wish josh and I had visited the tulip fields while we were in Amsterdam! Will just need to go back.
  • A cute & simple DIY balloon centerpiece
  • Obsessed with Jillian Harris' bright white home with pops of color.

Have a great summer weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2015

This week on Marlborough 5.22

After an unfortunate freak ice accident that crippled our previous car this winter, josh, mac and I got a new car last week and are officially back on the roads again. Hooray! Bring on the summer road trips!

What's everyone doing for the long weekend? We are going to spend some time in Boston and some time down in Westport, where we are getting married. We are building something extra special for the wedding day, and we need to get started! I'll be posting about the project closer to the date, so be sure to check back. And to see some sneak peeks over the weekend, you can follow along on Instagram (I'm @lindseybach).

Oh, and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to my little brother Sam. I can hardly believe he's 24!
Here are some fun links from around the web this week...

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  • The best rooftops in Boston.
  • 5 kitchens I'm envious of. 
  • Jennifer Lawrence buys my beloved CA home that used to belong to Jessica Simpson.
  • Summer s'mores I can get behind. 
  • This new show might be really good or really bad, but I'm going to watch it nonetheless!
  • An impressive "play dead"!
  • How beautiful is this marbled paper?

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

White Outfits for Every Wedding Event

Before I was engaged, I had very little white in my wardrobe, never mind anything formal. Fast forward to today and my closet looks a little different! From everything to shooting our engagement photos to my upcoming bridal shower and bachelorette, I've added a lot of white to my wardrobe and I've loved so many delicate dresses I've come across in my search. White is so synonymous with being a bride, and I've been wearing it every chance I get. After all, your only a bride once, so wear white every freaking day if you want to! Of course, you by no means need to wear white to all of your wedding occasions (and I haven't) but if you choose to, I've curated my favorite picks for every event below. (Click the right-hand grey arrows to scroll)

1. Engagement Photos
Best place to shop: Free People
I went Free People all the way for our engagement photos. I wore a short dress for the first half and then switched into a long ivory maxi for the second. Their dresses have that lacey, flowy, look that looks beautiful in photographs, plus they are always so comfy. Scroll through for some of my favorites.
2. Engagement Parties 
Best places to shop: Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Asos
I knew that most of our wedding-related events would be fairly casual, so for our engagement parties I was excited to really get dressed up! The style of dress will obviously depend on whether your party is in the summer or winter, but here are some of my dolled-up favorites for that occasion.
3. Bridal Shower
Best places to shopAsos, Lulus
Generally bridal showers are held in the warmer months, so this event is all about color! You definitely don't need to wear white to your shower, but I love the look of mixing white with floral patterns for a summery look, while still keeping with that bridal feel. And remember, grandma is probably going to be at this event, so try and stay somewhat conservative. :)
4. Bachelorette
Best places to shop: Revolve, Nasty GalLulus
This is where you can really let your hair down! I'm so looking forward to my own Bachelorette party and to wear some sexy dresses I've found and have hanging in my closet. My philosophy when shopping? Show some skin but also make sure you are comfortable enough for all the inevitable beach-going and dancing you'll be doing. After all, it's your last time as a "single" lady!
4. Rehearsal Dinner
Best places to shop: BHLDN, Anthropologie
When shopping for our rehearsal dinner, I knew that I wanted something totally different from the wedding dress I'd be wearing the next day, but still white and whimsical to fit with the rest of our wedding theme. What I ended up with was a flowy, ethereal, bohemian-style dress, which is essentially what I thought I would be wearing for our actual wedding when I started my dress hunt. But since I went in a very different direction, I'm so happy I will still get to incorporate this type of dress into our weekend somehow!
5. Wedding Morning
Best places to shopBHLDNAnthropologie
The big day has arrived! Here are some of my favorite comfy picks to throw on while you are getting ready.
Wow, being a bride is a lot of work!! At each of these events, everyone's got their eyes on you, so there's a lot of pressure to look your best at all times. But it's seriously such a special time in life and I'm cherishing every single minute. Plus I've always loved fashion, so being a bride has been a great excuse to go a little shopping crazy. I had so much fun dressing up for our engagement parties and thankfully with my upcoming shower & Bachelorette party, the best is yet to come. And my closet and I are ready! xx

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Plans For Our Patio: Round 2

^ our pretty patio last summer

As you may remember, at around this time last year I posted our plans for our patio, which at that time was in pretty rough shape and needed a lot of love before it was ready for spring. But come early June, after a lot of work, it looked more like this and we spent many summer days & nights enjoying time out there.

Well, as bad as those photos looked last year, I can safely say this year is much much worse.  Since there was 4 feet of snow back there for most of the winter, things have taken a little while to thaw. Our patio tree, which at this time last year was fairly full and beginning to flower, has barely even started to bud. And to make matters messier, we decided to redo our outdoor closet, which was deteriorating even before our crazy winter, so that's making the patio look even more like a war zone. Bottom line - we've got our work cut out for us to get this space ready by June once again!
^ Our patio closet "before" - the doors don't close and are falling off!
Luckily, last year we tackled a bunch of projects to really "beautify" the space, like:
- Staining the fence
- Hanging string lights, mason jar candles, and installing overhead lights
- DIYing some hanging succulent planters (that made it through the winter and will be hung back up again soon)!
- Buying a weather-resistant outdoor rug
- Making some clay pieces in pottery class to serve as planters
- Painting some weathered stumps to serve as end tables

And we're so excited to get all of those things in place again! The biggest change this year will be the addition of a new outdoor closet, which will actually be functioning and can better store extra soil, pots, shovels, firewood, etc to keep clutter hidden away. We also need to replant our 4 large planters, which makes a huge difference in bringing the space to life. And if you didn't notice from the above photos, we sold our rattan outdoor set to a lucky Craigslist shopper! It was passed on to us from the previous owner, and just never really fit the space. So we opted for a sectional instead, that we are hoping will provide the same amount of seating while making it feel much less cramped.

So here's our to-list for this year and the look we are going for. I hope you'll follow along as it all comes together again!

- Finish and organize outdoor closet
- Sweep away wood shavings, hose down patio
- Replant planters
- Hang succulent planters back up
- Set up new outdoor furniture
- Sew some outdoor pillows

Friday, May 8, 2015

This week on Marlborough 5.8

Guys, look how much sun is in those photos!!! It's basically been summer here all week and I'm so happy about it. I haven't even worn a coat in a solid 7 days, and I'm hoping this weather is here to stay and I won't have to go back. This week I got to let my hair down on a breezy ride in a rental convertible, enjoy brunch all fresco on Newbury street, margarita hop around the city on Cinco de Mayo, and bring some pups to a softball game on the Esplanade. Note: all these things were done outdoors!

What is everyone up to this weekend? Thankfully it's looking to be another beautiful warm-weather weekend so I'm dreaming of the beach. Too soon? I'm also looking forward to spending some time with my wonderful mommy on Sunday. She deserves a Mother's Day every Sunday, she's truly the best!
Here are some links from around the week this week...

  • This made me laugh really hard. 
  • And so did this
  • The bikini that's on my wish list right now. 
  • I loved looking through these vintage wedding photos.
  • This kid sums of vegetarianism better than I ever could!
  • A way to hide your selfie stick obsession.
  • A super creative DIY headboard.
  • I never met a king protea flower I didn't like, and this wedding is no different. The florals are stunning!
  • Still need a last minute Mother's Day gift? Here are some great ideas.

Have a wonderful weekend, hug your mom!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Unique Wedding Food Ideas

When it comes to weddings, the same foods always come to mind....steak, chicken, or veggie. And while I know that often times guests care more about the drinks than the food anyway, our friends are big foodies and we knew from the get-go that we wanted to have some fun with the food at our cocktail hour & reception, and give guests something to look forward to outside of the typical dinner menu options. Luckily, our amazing planners at 42 North and our caterer TSH catering were totally on board with making our wedding foodie dreams come to life. At our tasting (pictured above!) they took a Pinterest board we created full of our favorite ideas and essentially made it a reality. I'm going to keep all of the mouth-watering menu details a secret for now (if you follow me on Instagram, you may of seen a sneak peek), but let's just say we left as very full and very happy campers.

And thankfully, tons of other couples have used food to put more of a unique, personal touch on their wedding day, and I've been so endlessly inspired but some of the creative ideas that I came across while planning our own menu. Here are a few that are just too cool not to share! All photo sources found here.

Custom Cocktails
^ Love this coral & green drink color palette
^ Blueberries! Such a cute drink accent for a coastal wedding
^ Blood orange margaritas. Sure to get the party started!

^ I love the "serve yourself" aspect of this bar setup. And the fact that the beer glasses double as takeaways!
^ Beer in a boat! 

Fun Passed Apps

^ Love the rustic feel of these wooden serving boards
^ Oysters with mini hot sauce bottles! Dying of cuteness.
^ It keeps getting cuter! These would be great for the beer & burger-loving couple
^ I love this take on a tomato & mozzarella salad, served in a cone
^ baby lobster rolls!
^ Sushi pops. Yes please. 

Eye-Catching Displays
^ Spoiler alert! There will be a cheese display at our wedding. No surprises there...
^ I also love this pretty fruit, cheese and wine station
^ Such a cool way to do an oyster bar!
^ A gorgeous, colorful station for the sushi-loving couple
^ Such a fun idea for a vegetarian bride & groom! Also would be great for a farm wedding

Unique Dinner Ideas
^ Such a pretty way to serve a salad
^ Another unique feta and watermelon salad idea!
^ For a winter wedding, truffle mashed potatoes served in individual crocks
^ A fun serve-yourself pizza station idea!

Mouth Watering Desserts
^ A warm, fresh donut truck? This is my kind of wedding
^ A pretty cone display for a gelato dessert bar!
^ mini pies, a great alternative to cake
^ more donuts! This time mini donut holes served in cones
^ Ice cream! The perfect treat for guests at a hot summer wedding

I could go on and on, but these are some of the cutest ideas I've seen. I love the idea of using food to put more of a personalized touch on your wedding day, and allowing guests coming from near and far to learn a little bit about you as a couple. Josh and I have a lot of food favorites (some that we share!) and I'm so excited to share those favorites with guests this summer. If you want to see more of the creative wedding drink, hors d'oeuvres, display, and dessert ideas I came across this year, you can see more here. And for more wedding updates, click here! xx

Friday, May 1, 2015

A Weekend in Woodstock, VT

Josh and usually try and fly somewhere new every spring (last year we went to Bermuda), but with a wedding and Greek honeymoon coming up, it just wasn't in the cards this year. So we chose the next best thing - a long weekend somewhere close to home but somewhere we'd never been before - and that place was Woodstock, Vermont. We'd heard amazing things about this little corner of New England but even with josh being a Vermont native, neither of us had ever been there. So we decided on a Patriots Day weekend "staycation" at the Woodstock Inn, and we are so glad we did! Here is a little bit about what we did and our favorite parts of the weekend in case you are considering traveling there yourself.
We fell in love with the Woodstock Inn pretty much immediately when pulling in the driveway on Friday afternoon (I mean, look at it). And things got even better when we headed inside and were greeted by friendly staff and the most massive fireplace I had ever seen. After settling into our room (which was also adorable), we decided to wander around Woodstock while it was still light out. The Inn is right in the center of town so it's easy to just walk right down the driveway and onto Central Street street, where all of the shops and restaurants are located. Our favorite stop was at the General Store, which was stocked with a little bit of everything and where we filled up a hefty bag of penny candy.
Friday night we had a late dinner at Richardson's, which is a cozy tavern right inside the Inn. We sat by the fire and enjoyed some beers and shared a to-die-for crock of lobster mac & cheese topped with apple butter. Needless to say, after night one, the Inn had already completely won us over.
Saturday morning we were up bright & early to grab a couple of the Woodstock Inn cruisers and bike to the Farmer's Market, which we had heard was one of the best in Vermont. Luckily, the weather was warm and sunny so the short 3-mile bike ride was so much fun! We loaded our baskets up with some fruit, bread, and local chocolates before heading back to the Inn.
From there, we drove to the Quechee Antique Mall (which we had driven by on our way in and looked very intriguing) to do some shopping. And wow, did this place pull at my thrift-loving heartstrings. We learned that the man who owns the basement space clears out old houses for free, and they sells all of his finds. And as you can imagine, there was a lot of junk, but also a lot of gems. We happened to be in the market for a few antique rugs for the wedding and scored BIG on that front, as well as on some vintage peacock chairs at the antique store next door. Moral of the story? Woodstock, VT = antique landmine. Who knew?
After stuffing our car to the brim with  our extremely dusty (but amazing) purchases, we headed back towards Woodstock for lunch, stopping to take some photos of the stunning Quechee Gorge on the way, which runs under RT 4. We sat outside for lunch at Worthy Kitchen, which proved to be a very worthy stop. This place doesn't mess around when it comes to beer and food, and has over 18 New England brews on draft as well as an extensive locally-sourced menu.
With full stomachs, we headed back to the Inn for an afternoon we had booked in advance at the spa. As first time Woodstock Inn spa-goers, booking any of the services gets you all-day access to their spa, which is nothing short of incredible. Even though our massages weren't until 5pm, we made sure to take full advantage and go early in the afternoon so that we could enjoy the outdoor hot tub, sauna, steam showers, and generally just relax in our robes and drink cucumber water in what was one of the prettiest spaces I'd ever seen. Josh and I aren't generally massage people but I can safely say that I think it's the most relaxing afternoon we've ever had together! Even if you are planning a trip to Woodstock and not staying at the Inn, I highly recommend spending some time at this spa.
Saturday night we were in the mood for some pizza so walked into town for dinner at Pi Brick Oven Trattoria, where we shared the arugula and sausage pizzas. When traveling to Vermont, we are usually spoiled by the amazing pizzas at Flatbread, but these were definitely comparable and on point!
^josh thoroughly enjoying his pizza despite this face ;)

The weather on Sunday was equally sunny and beautiful, so after breakfast downstairs at the Inn (breakfast is complimentary and the buffet is incredible), we decided to hike Mount Tom. This is an easy hike that you can walk to right from the Inn and takes about an hour. Since it was still early spring, everything was still a bit brown, but I can imagine the views being really stunning in the fall.
After our hike, we walked straight from the mountain into town to grab a light lunch at Mon Vert Cafe, which we had heard had the best coffee and sandwiches in town. The cafe was lovely and brought back memories of college days spent in so many similar cafes in Burlington. Next, we hopped in the car to check out the Simon Pearce factory, which is powered hydroelectrically by Ottauquechee River that it sits upon. Everyone told us we had to stop there, and I could immediately see why! The company is known for their glassblowing and pottery, and I wanted to take every single piece in their showroom home. And we weren't hungry, but the restaurant, which hangs off the back of the building over the river, had a delicious-looking menu and unbeatable views.
Our last night at the Inn was spent enjoying drinks and cheddar fondue at Richardsons and then exploring the game room, which was essentially like walking into heaven for josh. This game-lovers dream room was stocked with Foosball, pool, shuffleboard, life-sized scrabble, giant connect four, and then my favorite - vintage pinball machines. Not to mention, all of this is inside the most cozy lodge-style space complete with a roaring fire. We played every game in the room and lost count of the hours we spent in there!
All in all, I can't say enough good things to say about the Woodstock Inn. Josh and I were almost angry that this special place was only a quick 2-hour trip from Boston and we had never been there! And since it was the end of April and no longer peak ski season, we really felt like we had the place to ourselves. It was so nice to explore a new place, reconnect, and recharge before what will be a very busy summer ahead. Woodstock, we will absolutely be back!