Thursday, April 9, 2015

Best Fries in Boston

As we move closer to the big day this summer, I am giving up a few of the "junk" foods in my life including on of my biggest weaknesses, french fries. I can honestly say that I could probably live off french fries in different forms. Truffle, sweet potato, rosemary dusted, parmesan, I love them all (and yes, there will be fries at our wedding!). But as an ode and a "goodbye" to fries for a little while, I'm sharing my ultimate list of french fry destinations in Boston here today. If you haven't tried the fries at any of these spots, go! Please, for me. I promise you won't be disappointed.

#1 The Met Back Bay - Met Parmesan truffle fries
These are by far the best fries I've ever had in my life. I could easily eat them every day and my stomach would be completely content. As a fairly pricey side option on the menu, they are totally worth every penny and can definitely be shared. They are fried to perfection in truffle oil, sprinkled with a generous amount of fresh parm and sage, and served in a mini frialator basket with a side of garlic truffle aioli. If you haven't tried these yet, you really must. ($9)

#2 The Beehive - Brunch Poutine
The Beehive is one of our favorite places to eat in the South End as it is. And I'm not usually a huge poutine person, but their brunch poutine is a game changer. This is a meal on the "mains" portion of the menu, and the fries are served in a large cast iron pot and topped with melted cheese, poached eggs, short rib, and a little bit of gravy. Enjoy these along with a Beehive mimosa and their live jazz music and you've got yourself a pretty awesome brunch! ($16.50)

#3 Roxy's Grilled Cheese - Rosemary truffle fries
Everyone knows Boston's Roxy's food truck for their amazing grilled cheeses, but their fries are also out of this world. The potatoes are hand-cut and then seasoned with sea salt, rosemary, and truffle oil. So delicious and so cheap! There's rarely a time I see Roxy's parked in Back Bay and can resist grabbing a bag. ($4)

#4 Saus - Pommes Frites
Saus in Faneuil Hall is any fry-lovers paradise. Their focus is all on the fries, and the result is exceptional. You start with their basic pommes frites in small, medium or large and then can doctor them up as much or as little as you'd like. Choose from 13 different "dipping saus", including curry ketchup or the super spicy "Green Monster" with garlic and jalepenos, or go even further and add truffled mushrooms, bacon bits, or pork belly. The options are really endless. But even without any of the add-ons, the fries are really freaking good on their own. ($4.25 - $7)

#5 The Publick House - Monk's Frites 
This list wouldn't be complete without the Publick House in Brookline, who deliver pretty delicious french fries. Their appetizer-sized "Monk's Frites" are hand cut yukon golds dusted with sea salt and served in a paper cone with your choice of two dipping sauces, which include garlic asiago mayo, fresh herb mayo. chipotle mayo, creamy beer mustard, truffle, ketchup, bacon horseradish aioli, and apricot mango bbq. If you're all about the sauce (like me), these are a must try. ($9)

That completes my top 5 list! Did any of your favorites make the list? Are there any top spots I missed? Happy snacking!

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