Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wedding Party Apparel Part 2: Finding Affordable Suits

I think this is officially my first menswear post! As expected when I wrote about part one of the wedding party apparel hunt, finding suits proved to be much easier than bridesmaids dresses. What josh and I knew when we started looking was that we wanted a lighter, more summery color and we were leaning towards blue, but were open to other options as well. We started with the usual suspects (Jcrew, Brooks Brothers, Mens Warehouse etc.) but everything was really pricey while lacking the more unique elements we were looking for.

And then we hit the landmine of inexpensive men's suits, Asos! They have so many options when it come to color, fit, and style and are great quality for their affordable prices. Here are some of the options we considered.

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And this is the one we went with! Here is my cute husband-to-be modeling the final suit pick. I can hardly believe I am going to be marrying this guy (in this suit) in just a few months. Cue heart explosion.
So while finding the right suit was a breeze, having that suit actually fit 10 groomsmen with varying body types is a whole different battle. That is definitely one challenge with ordering suits online vs. going and trying them on in a store. But our fingers are crossed that they all fit and I'm so excited to see the group of them together next summer. 

So we can finally say a big fat "CHECK!" to outfitting a wedding party of 20. It feels great. 

And if you missed part one about the bridesmaids dress hunt, you can read about that here


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