Friday, March 13, 2015

This week on Marlborough 3.13

^ light at night on Marlborough!

Happy Friday! This week we sprung forward, and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it being light out later. It actually makes you feel like you have part of the day left even after a long day at work. All the snow on Marlborough St. has also melted down to below my shoulder height, which gives me hope that this city will once again return to a pre-buried state sometime soon. Spring can't get here soon enough!

What's everyone up to this weekend? We have a meeting with our wedding planners to discuss the timeline for the big day which I'm pretty excited and a little nervous about. There are so many tiny details that go into that one day. I've been seeing so many cute Easter decorating ideas this year that I might also do some Easter crafting. Here are 12 fun crafts to try that I posted last year if you are considering doing the same.
And as always, here are some fun Friday links...

  • I really want a pet lion
  • A breakfast recipe I'm excited to try this weekend. 
  • 8 signs your significant other is also your best friend
  • The foxiest place on earth. 
  • DIY Easter eggs that will wow. Who is making some this year??
  • A pretty rad rock & roll wedding.
  • Cat hugs and a cat that refuses to dog. 
  • A twizzler cake!
  • Do you believe the viral woodpecker/weasel photo is real?
  • Homepolish, Airbnb, an H&M home team up for SXSW. 

Have a wonderful weekend. TGIF! xx

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