Friday, February 6, 2015

Wedding Party Apparel Part 1: The Quest for a Bridesmaids Dress

So I've already told my bridesmaids this, but I think that I've been more indecisive about the bridesmaids dress decision than I have with any other life decision...ever. I started out thinking I wanted one thing and one color and then after finding my own dress (which was incredibly easy compared to this!), ended up going in a very different direction. What I did know all along was that I wanted one bridesmaids dress that can be worn multiple different ways based on each girls' style and body. And through my rigorous, time-intensive, borderline crazy search, I found that the dress options out there that fit this description essentially fall into three categories:

1. The Convertible Wrap Dress
This is the type of dress that I 100% through I would go with when I started the search. I was in love with the casual look of the dresses and the endless ways you could wear them. However, when we started ordering samples (which my patient mom ordered a lot of), we ran into some issues. For example, dresses from Two Birds were the perfect fabric and length, but were very limited in terms of colors and very pricey.  The wrap dress from Dessy had a few more options when it came to color, but I was less impressed with the fabric quality and fit. And then Sugar Bits had tons of colors, great fabric, and an amazing price point, but the dresses were short in length and they had no customer service and terrible reviews, so I worried about having 10 girls order from them. And the overarching problem with this type of dress is that you can't wear a normal bra with almost any of the styles, which is problematic in itself. So alas, we ultimately took this type of dress off the table.
*Vendors who make this type of dress: Two Birds, Sugar Bits, Dessy, Etsy

2. The Convertible Panel Gown
These dresses are also convertible, but in a different way. Instead of wrapping the straps in various configurations, you actually pull two panels of the dress up to act as straps, that can then be tied or twisted in lots of different styles. I tried on a lot of these types of dresses as well, but none of the colors or fabrics were exactly what I was looking for. I actually thought the tulle convertible dress by Jenny Yoo was gorgeous, but thought it might be a bit too heavy and poufy for a summer wedding.
*Vendors who make this type of dress: BHLDN (Jenny Yoo), Nordstrom (Jenny Yoo), Wtoo by Watters, Allure

3. The Same Dress, Different Styles
This is where my list of "cons" was the smallest! Several vendors make the same dress with various necklines, which allows all the girls to pick a fit they really like. I ultimately fell in love with Amsale's version of the dress, which offers lots of different style options and comes in the most beautiful silk/chiffon fabric, which I could immediately envision blowing in the ocean breeze on our wedding day. I'm having so much fun seeing which style each bridesmaid picks!
*Vendors who make this type of dress: Amsale, Weddington Way, Dessy, Wtoo

So if you are getting married in the near future and are vetting similar dresses, don't worry, I've done all the work for you! :) Now josh and I are moving on to tackle the groomsmen's attire, we we are hoping (praying) will be a much more seamless search.  I'll be back to post part 2 of this post once we've looked around at suit options.

Getting sick of wedding updates? If so, don't worry, we've got some fun DIY projects on the calendar - so stay tuned! If not, click here to see all of our wedding posts so far. xx


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