Friday, February 20, 2015

This Week on Marlborough 2.20

^ Shot on Newbury Street, which is arguably the most bustling, crowded street in Boston. Here it kind of looks like an apocalypse. 
^ Marlborough street at sunset

After a fun few days at Sugarloaf last weekend on the Wayfair ski trip, we returned home on Sunday to an even snowier Boston. So most of this week was spent similarly to last week - digging, shoveling, trekking, and generally just trying to resume life in the city as normal even when buried under a thick blanket of snow. Some days the snow catches the sunset just perfectly (like the photo above) and it's kind of pretty. And some days you see someone climbing over a snow bank in a suit just to get into their office in the morning and it's kind of funny. But for the most part the snow has gotten to a point where it's neither pretty nor funny, and actually just a giant road block to doing much of anything. It's also a huge hazard, as josh and I experienced first-hand when hundreds of pounds of ice fell from a neighboring building onto our car yesterday, nearly crushing it. Josh posted a photo if you want to take a peek, but really it just showed us the incredible damage that these weather conditions can cause, and also to be so careful (especially on the warmer days when things start melting) to always look up, and never walk too close to buildings with icicles.  We are just thankful it was our car and not our heads! In Boston's current battle against the snow, thus far I can safely say we are losing.

But being stuck inside does have some advantages. We were finally able to build a coffee table (I posted about that yesterday if you want to read) and we also recently bought a sewing machine, so have been enjoying trying our hands at that. The inability to drive anywhere, lack of open restaurants. and nonexistent food delivery also forces you to get pretty creative with the food you have in the house, so we've been able to try a few new recipes too. Trying to get creative here! If you are in MA, how have you been surviving the storms?
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Have a wonderful (and safe!) weekend. xx

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