Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Refreshing a bedroom for winter

Last April I wrote a post about giving our spare bedroom a fresh new look for summer, so I thought I'd also share the winter version! Switching up things like your bedding is a must in Boston you want to survive the chilly nights, but here are some other little decor updates we made to get the room ready for winter guests.

1. Added some cozy accents.
Anything furry or fuzzy can instantly give a room a winter feel. We added a large sheepskin rug I found on the sale rack at HomeGoods, a cozy pillow and one of my all time favorite blankets (this faux fur throw from Resto) to the bed for some extra warmth.
2. Switched up the bedding.
Down is a MUST in the winter, so we traded out the lighter quilt for down comforter that josh had stored away and happened to be a pretty festive shade of hunter green and seemed to go much better with the room than the bright blue one I have. Noted on the fact that we definitely need a duvet cover. It will be on the registry. :)

3. Added some seasonal touches.
To bring some holiday cheer to the room, I made a DIY pennant banner using some fabric scraps we had leftover from our HFTHBoston event to hang over the bed, as well as added a gold gourd to the nightstand. And then there's my rope and copper wall hanging, which is still one of my favorite things that I've ever made.
4. Brought some of the outdoors in.
Incorporating living plants into our home even in the dead of winter reminds me that there will be life after all the ice and snow melts away. Plus they make me smile, and I hope they do the same for our guests. We brought the hanging succulents from our patio inside and strung them up in the guest room corner as well as added a sweet succulent planter that my sister gave me to the bedside table.
So we're officially in hibernation mode here on Marlborough and ready for winter sleepovers. How do the rooms in your home change from reason to season? Whether your updates are big or small - I'd love to hear!

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