Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last Minute DIY Holiday Gift Idea

I have so much rope leftover from this copper wall hanging that I made (you can only buy craft rope in bulk), so I was so excited when I came across this trivet project, made from exactly the same cording! Finally, a great idea for putting all of that extra rope to use AND a pretty DIY holiday gift idea for all of the kitchen-lovers, tea-drinkers, and bakers in my life.

For my first attempt at the project, I chose a turquoise blue paint. I was planning on trying gold and silver paint for the holidays, but it just didn't stand out enough against the white rope. I am definitely planning on picking up some bright red & green craft paint this weekend so I can try the project again in Christmas colors!
^ Photos and tutorial via Momtastic

Here's what you need:
- paper/plastic cups, scissors, paint brush
- craft paint in desired color
- upholstery cording (I got mine at Jo-Ann's fabric)
- glue gun

And here's how to make one:
Step 1: Roll up the cording as a test and then cut it to your desired length. Our in my case, roll it out from under the bed. This photo shows you just how much we have leftover!
Step 2: Fill cups up about half way with water and then mix in paint until the color is fairly strong. I just did one color for this first trivet, but feel free to use multiple! Just dip the cording into the paint in spaced-out increments to give it that color-blocked look. Fill in paint with a paintbrush where necessary.
Step 3: Once the entire rope has dried, start at one end and start rolling the rope together, making sure to glue every 3 inches or so to keep the trivet together. Luckily, hot glue dries fairly quickly so this part is a breeze!
And that's it! You have a pretty, colorful hot plate to rest your tea kettle, coffee pot, or warm pots and pans on. I love how it came out and I can't wait to experiment with other colors.
Oh and I STILL have so much rope left. And I'd rather not put it back under my bed. So if you are in the Boston area and would like to try this project, shoot me an email! I have plenty of rope to go around... :)

Happy gifting~!

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