Friday, November 21, 2014

The week on Marlborough 11.21

Happy Friday! It's been a cold one. Last weekend we had an equally chilly day-long bar crawl/scavenger hunt in celebration of Ayla's birthday, which was so much fun. The crawl started at 2pm at the top of Boylston street at Dillon's and ended on the end of Charles street at Beacon Hill Pub, with a formal list of things that each team had to find, photos we had to take, and bars we had to stop at along the way. Yes, that is Maria getting a shoulder ride from one bar to another, Claire giving a complete stranger a foot massage, Ayla & team chugging beers with more complete strangers, and Maria getting her nails painted by yet another random stranger. It was so funny to see how each team started out so strong and competitive, knocking challenges of their lists left and right, and then slowly lost track of their scores and lists all together and were just having fun. I don't think there was ever a clear winning team (cough team 2 cough), but either there were smiles all around at the end of the night.

This weekend we are continuing the fun with a big Friendsgiving. Josh and I are going to be contributing these and also were planning on making an apple crisp, but then I saw THIS and it was kind of a game changer, so now I'm not sure. Either way, knowing our friends, it will be filled with delicious food and good cheer. This Thanksgiving, I am very thankful for my friends. I may be bias, but I think I have the best ones.
Here are some fun links from around the web this week!

  • The best ads of 2014. The #2 spot (devil baby) kills me everytime! 
  • Another great laugh - celebrities read mean tweets about them. 
  • So cute (and so much face paint), that you just can't get mad. 
  • They noticed a glass box and went inside but they never expected this
  • One of my fave bloggers, Design Lovefest, designed the new Meghan Trainor video and it's so cool!
  • In LOVE with this DIY vintage trailer makeover.
  • The kid rendition of "Baby It's Cold Outside" is so cute!
  • A pretty fall cocktail I want to try. 
  • Ellen and Portia's 2014 Christmas Card.
  • If you need me this Saturday, you can find me here.

Have a great weekend!

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