Tuesday, November 4, 2014

7 creative ways to ask your bridesmaids

Asking all my bridesmaids to be a part of our wedding has been one of the most fun parts of the process so far. There is no way I could stand up there next summer without the love and support of my girlfriends. And I knew that when I asked them, I wanted to do it in a fun way. So of course, I took to Pinterest, and I thought I'd share some of my favorite ideas I came across!

1. A simple card. Mail these to all your maids or give them to them in person. I saw so many pretty ones while I was browsing the web!

2. Custom Wine Labels. Wine is a girls best friend. Get a bottle for each of your bridesmaids and then spend the night drinking them together.

3. A balloon! Such a cute idea to "pop" the question in a literal way.

4. A gift bag or basket. Go all out with a complete box or basket filled with celebration-worthy goodies.

5. A Flipbook. Use a company like Printstagram to print a TinyBook full of photos for each of your girls! These could even be childhood photos or photos of past experiences you've had together.

6. Bridesmaids Brunch. If you're lucky enough to have all your bridesmaids in one place, host a brunch and ask them while you are all together!

7. Mini champagne bottle packages. Creative DIY ideas like the ones above provided a lot of inspiration for when I asked my own bridesmaids, where I combined a few of them. To make a little "will you be my bridesmaid?" gift for all my maids, I ordered some custom bottle labels from this Etsy shop and picked up some mini champagne bottles from the liquor store. Then, I let all the bottles soak in hot water for about an hour so that peeling off all the existing bottle labels was easy. Once they were dry, I applied the stickers that said "Cheers. Will you be my bridesmaid?" to transform them into the perfect bottle that would serve two purposes: to "pop" the bridesmaid question and to also "pop" physically for a little champagne celebration.  I was able to get together with all my Boston bridesmaids physically to cheers together, but for the ones that live afar, I put together a little package to ship that included a gift bag, personal card, paper straw for sipping, and a fun engagement ring ice tray. Probably not the best thing to ship (I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to mail glass, liquids, or explosives) but thankfully they all arrived in one piece and probably with and even bigger "pop". :)
^ // Bags: Oh Joy for Target// Cards: Etsy // Straws: Wayfair // Ring Ice Tray: Wayfair // 
Labels: Etsy // Champagne bottles: Martignetti Liquors //

Cheers! Thankfully they all said YES.

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