Friday, October 17, 2014

This week on Marlborough 10.17

 TGIF. It's been a crazy week! Josh and I finally got to meet our photographer and had our engagement shoot on Wednesday, had a bunch of his family come down to stay with us yesterday, and have our first engagement party tonight! We are so excited to get all dressed up and celebrate with everyone. It's starting to feel really real, guys.

Oh and we made a trip to Russel Orchards for cider donuts and pumpkins. That place is a zoo but also such a fall staple/tradition that I'd wait in line forever if I had to. The donuts are that good and the pumpkins are THAT big. 

And speaking of traditions, this is the first year that josh and I have really started to think about the holidays together, after 5 years of going our separate ways and spending it with our own families. When do you start thinking about holidays in terms of a family instead of a couple? How do you decide which holidays to spend with which family? Given that josh gets to see his family a lot less than I do, we've decided this year to spend Thanksgiving with mine and then head up to Vermont the day after for the weekend, and then Christmas with his. Who knows if that tradition will stick, and it may change within the next few years as we start making new traditions of our own, but it's definitely a weird transition to make. Josh is the youngest in his family but I am the oldest, so while he graduated from the whole "stockings and Santa" thing a long time ago, my family isn't quite there yet (I'm pretty sure my sister still believes in Santa). It will definitely be a little sad not sitting at the top of the stairs, waiting for my dad to (jokingly) check if Santa came, but at the same time it will be so nice to be with Josh on Christmas day for the first time ever. Lots of life changes happening, but all good ones. 
And here's some fun links from around the web this week!
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Have a wonderful weekend! 

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