Friday, October 3, 2014

This week on Marlborough 10.3

^ Shots from the NY stock exchange floor yesterday. Photo credit

Happy Friday! Apologies for the radio silence on the blog this week - I meant to post but the work week totally got away from me and then THIS happened and everything else kind of went completely out the window. Wayfair officially went public yesterday, which is such a huge milestone for the company and was so exciting to be a part of. It's something that not a lot of people get to experience and I know will probably only happen once in my lifetime. Watching everything unfold on the news yesterday was awesome, and then celebrating at the office and out in Boston last night with our co-founders and the entire company was even better. We even had our own IPO IPA! I'm confident that there are only bigger and better things in store for the future.
Here are some fun things from around the web this week...

  • I'm so happy that the Voice (my favorite show ever) is back and am loving Gwen & Pharrell as new additions to the celeb judges. So far, I think Reagan & John are going to be ones to watch. 
  • I'm OK with welcoming Fall as long as pies like these are involved. 
  • Cuteness
  • Double cuteness
  • Triple cuteness
  • Jessica Simpson has the most beautiful, open-air home (and it's for sale)!
  • I'm pretty jealous of Nylon Magazine's office space.
  • D.C.'s first shipping container apartments look surprisingly nice!  
  •  Fall flavors are my favorite. I'm talking about recipes like this and this and this.

Have a wonderful weekend! xx

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