Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wedding Planning Update: 1 month in!

It's been one whole month since josh and I got engaged and we've got a lot accomplished in that month! Here's a little update on where we are in the wedding process.

1. We picked a date & location (almost)
The cocktail hour and reception will be held next August in my grandmother's backyard in Westport, MA. Westport is a small coastal town about an hour south of Boston and is so beautiful in the summer. The Point (where my grandmother's house is) is a historic district that I have come to know and love for the gray shingle houses, white shell driveways, and amazing old stone walls.
For the ceremony, we knew we wanted the location to be outside, on the water, and close to the house, so we have been scouting and found some great options! Nothing is set in stone, but here's a sneak peek of the property we are thinking of going with (eeek!). It's even prettier in person guys.
2. We booked a band!
The music at the wedding was super important to us so we are so pumped about this part. We booked a Boston band called Eye 2 Eye, who we have heard rave reviews about. With these guys on board combined with what I know about our friends & family, I don't think we'll have any trouble getting the party started.

3. We booked a photographer! 
We are so excited to be working with Jacob of Brumley and Wells for our wedding photos. This was another big one for me, so I'll talk about the process that I went through in researching, narrowing down, and ultimately choosing a photographer in another post! We are doing an engagement shoot here in Boston with Jacob in a few weeks, so naturally I've been pinning engagement inspiration photos like crazy.
(^ All photos via Brumley & Wells)
4. And a videographer! 
We'll be working with the Nick + Colin of Blue Kite Cinema. These two are super talented! What we are really excited about is that they'll be filming all day Friday and Saturday vs. just the day of the wedding, so the resulting video will encompass our whole wedding weekend. After seeing these guys' work (and hearing a glowing review from and old friend Annie), I have no doubt that whatever they create will be nothing short of incredible.

5. We hired a wedding planner
We went back and forth a little bit about this one at the beginning. Do we need a wedding planner? Can't we just do it all ourselves? But since we are not booking a typical "venue" (which generally come equipped with experienced coordinators), we quickly found that we needed to enlist some help. My mom, sister and I will still want to and will be doing a lot of the work ourselves when it comes to planning, but we are lucky enough to be working with the lovely Emily of MStarr Design who will be facilitating that process and keeping us all on track. She has done lots of gorgeous local weddings, so I am so grateful for all the the guidance and experience she is going to lend over the next year.
^ (All photos via mStarr design)

What we've learned

- There's SO much that goes into a wedding. I mean we all know this and I was somewhat prepared for it I don't think there's any way to really be prepared for it until it's actually happening. So many details! But all so exciting nonetheless.
- You don't have to plan everything. There are some elements of the wedding where I have a very clear idea of what I want (like the flowers) and then some elements where I have absolutely no clue (like my wedding dress). And I am totally OK with going into some decisions that we will be making with a completely open mind, vs. having a predetermined idea of what I want (thanks, Pinterest).
Stay grounded (or try your hardest).  The wedding planning process can make you completely lose sight of the real reason you are getting married. I've been told that before and I definitely admit
to getting swept up in "the wedding" vs. "the marriage" multiple times over the last month. But as excited as I am to plan, decorate, and dance, I am that much more excited to marry my best friend. And I think the key is just to have every conversation and make every decision with that in mind.
- Designate time for wedding talk. This is a big one and was also something I read on LC's blog (thanks Emily!). With a full time job, keeping this little blog updated, and planning a wedding, making sure the wedding doesn't take over your life is key.  I've designated specific times in the day to talk "wedding" with my mom (my walk to and from work) and with josh (while we eat dinner) so that in the day I can return to normal life. Our nights this month have gone a little something like this:
I make dinner while asking josh a million random wedding-related questions that have popped into my head throughout the day. Josh weighs in on which ones he likes and which ones are completely crazy. We eat dinner and talk about any recent wedding updates from our family members and also things we need to do. We finish dinner and the rest of the night is reserved to talk about normal things like work, weekend plans, or what we want to be for Halloween. We get in bed and more wedding thoughts pop into my head that I ask josh about (I swear I get all my best ideas right before I fall asleep). Josh agrees with everything because he wants me to fall asleep. I keep talking anyway. Josh falls asleep. I email myself my ideas so that I don't forget them the next day. 
Ok so the "designated time for wedding talk" could use a little work, but we'll get there! It's only the first month and I think everyone is still in the OMG stage.

Phew! Now that we have the big ones "BOOKED" and out of the way I'm looking forward to some of the fun stuff, like daydreaming about honeymoon locations, a couple of upcoming engagement parties, and trying on dresses! I'll be sure to post an update every few months to let you know how the process is going and what we are learning along the way. And in the meantime, feel free to follow along via our #joshandlusayido hashtag on Instagram.



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