Friday, September 26, 2014

This week on Marlborough 9.26

(^ Elephant Rock Beach//Westport, MA)

Happy Friday! I don't know about you, but I'm very ready for some much needed weekend relaxation. And even though I started unpacking boots and comforters and getting myself into Fall mode this week, it's looking to be more of a summer weekend weather-wise, and I am not complaining. Josh and I are heading to his brother's housewarming party this weekend where I plan to soak up as much sun as I can get! I'm excited for apples and sweaters and foliage and all that Fall jazz, but I can't deny that I'm loving this Indian summer we are having.
Here's some fun links from around the web this week...
  • Two sisters see for the first time. So moving!
  • The perfect DIY decoration for a party.
  • The cutest handmade blueberry pies.
  • This home looks so open & inviting to me. 
  • This photographer taught 1,500 puppies how to swim and the results are adorable. 
  • A time capsule is found inside Boston's old state house statue! 
  • Lauren Conrad's wedding album...finally!
  • Lena Dunham gives great advice.
  • I want to be staying in this guest house for the weekend. 
  • I've seen so many mixed reviews of Emma Watson's UN speech. What did you think?

Have a great weekend!
P.S. thanks for all your kind words about our wedding update this week, this first month has been a little crazy but so much fun!

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