Friday, August 15, 2014

This week on Marlborough 8.15

Happy Friday! This week could be classified as "the week we painstakingly had to move out of our bedroom" or the "week that we finally got air conditioning" based on how you look at it. But either way, the massive hole in our ceiling has been patched up, we have started to move back into our bedroom, and we have a working AC. Bring on the sweltering end-of-summer temperatures, we're ready!

In other news, josh and I (and friends) are in a co-ed softball summer softball league and our team won this week! (note: this was no thanks to me). I'm pretty pumped for the rest of the season and the fact that all games will be played on the Esplanade fields, which are right around the corner from us. I loved playing right beside the water last night and also walking home after the game, with cars buzzing by on Storrow drive on one side and the gleaming, moonlit Charles River on the other. It made me really appreciate this city life we are living. Go team!
And here's some favorite links from around the web this week...

  • I'm not from New York, but this made me laugh. Hipsters, man.
  • I love this idea for bedside tables! 
  • The prettiest drinks I think I've ever seen. 
  • The most perfect bagel bar
  • A lonely grandfather gets a new companion, and his reaction his heart-melting. 
  • Boston remembers Robin Williams. It was so nice walking by the bench this week and seeing such an outpouring of love. He will surely be remembered. 
  • I don't want to start thinking about fall already, but these are my new favorite pumpkins.
  • These are definitely going to be my next homemade popsicles. 
  • An Airbnb listing I am dying to check out. 

Have a great weekend! I'll be heading to one of my favorite places in the world and I'll be sure to take lots of photos while I'm there. Feel free to follow along on Instagram (I'm @lindseybach) if you want to see what we're up to. 

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