Friday, August 1, 2014

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^ Scenes from the Thomas Crown Affair

Happy August! I really don't want to be saying that, because that means it's the last official month of summer (isn't it crazy how quickly it's flown by?). But we've got lots of fun things in the books this month, starting with one of josh's best childhood friends' wedding this weekend (congrats Alicia!). August is here and my hope is that it takes it's sweet time and the warm weather stays for a while.

In other exciting news, Mac & Marlborough turned 1 this week! That's right, it was exactly a year ago that I wrote this post, while josh was still living in Vermont and we were putting together picture frames for our future apartment. I look back at this project and think about how mundanely simple it was, but also how special it was, because it was the start of what would be so many more projects for josh and I. Since those simple frames, we've tackled cornhole boards, a console table, a bar, a painted rug, and more in an effort to put a personal touch on the place we live. At the time of my first post, I had no idea what this blog would amount to or if I'd even keep up with it after a couple of posts or so. But I'm so glad I did. I never could have guessed the opportunities that it presented, the conversations it started, or the outlet it has been for me at this stage in my life. I wanted to thank everyone who has stopped by this little corner of the internet, even briefly, over the past year. I'm so glad you are here and I'm not sure where life will take me or this blog over the coming years, but I hope you'll stick around to find out with me. :)
And as always, some fun Friday links!

  • I want every outfit from this wedding. 
  • Is anyone a Real Housewives junkie? Then you'll be as excited as I was about this office makeover I worked on. 
  • How a "thank you" can change someone's day. 
  • UVM moves way up on the list of colleges to watch! 
  • The best airline safety video of all time. 
  • In love with Jessica Alba's bedroom makeover (psst you can find some AllModern pieces on her balcony)
  • Sorbet, in a pineapple boat! 
  • I may have only thought this was funny because I work in social media, but this made me laugh. 
  • A fun DIY outdoor painted rug
  • What pretty much every menu looks like nowadays. 
  • "Turns out there is an inkeeper inside of all of us." Loved this article that my dad sent me about how Airbnb has triggered a "sharing economy." 

Have a wonderful August weekend! xx

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