Friday, July 11, 2014

This week on Marlborough 7.11

^ picked up some sunnies at the Copley Farmer's market this week

Happy Friday! How was everyone's 4th? After a nice little Vermont vacation last week, I'm back in the full swing of things this week. The rest of the month is jam-packed with exciting stuff, most imminently being two of our best friends' birthdays this weekend and the much anticipated #shippeetefftwed the weekend after that (omg!). I'm trying to really enjoy this summer day by day so I don't blink my eyes and it's over.

Recently, I also had to realization that I had not been taking enough advantage of outdoor dining this summer. Sure, we eat a lot of meals on our patio, but we are lucky enough to live right in the center of a city that has so many great restaurants with patios and roof-decks.  Josh and I cook dinner at home almost every night, but recently jointly decided to "screw that." We have all winter to sit inside and save our pennies. So we've been taking advantage of outdoor dining much more lately - I joined all of my high-school girlfriends on the Rattlesnake's rooftop last week, josh, Andrea and I beat the 90 degree heat outside on Cafeteria's pretty patio this week, and I'm meeting up with josh in the Seaport tonight for some oceanfront oysters at Legal Harborside. Summer's too short to eat at the dinner table...right?

We've also seen lots of patio diners on Newbury street bringing their dogs along for the meal, which we are considering doing with Mac, but just aren't sure how well-behaved he would be or how much he would enjoy having to sit still with all those other dogs/people/food around to play with. To all of you dog owners I'd love to know: have you had a good experience bringing your pup out to dinner with you?

Here's some cool links from around the web this week...

  • Such a fun little house
  • Follow fashiongrandpas on Instagram. You won't be disappointed. 
  • Melon inspired decor
  • 40 reasons to love lettering. 
  • Definitely want to make this fruit sorbet sometime this summer. 
  • Our patio's on Good Housekeeping
  • A record-breaking school of manta rays. Nature is so cool sometimes. 
  • An oil spill turns out to be a freakishly massive school of fish. 
  • Loving this slideshow featuring magical photos of Nicole Richie's backyard
  • After staying at a Westgate hotel before while we were in Florida, josh and I were exited to watch the "Queen of Versailles" (available on Netflix), a documentary that follows the founders of the Westgate empire. The film, about being (grossly) wealthy, building the biggest home in America, and then losing it all, is depressing, but a really interesting watch. I see a reality TV show in their future. 
  • On a completely opposite documentary note, has anyone seen Tiny (featuring tiny home dwellers throughout the world)? The tiny house movement is so interesting too me - how homeowners are able to create such functional spaces with so little space, while also freeing up their finances to live the way they've always wanted to. I especially love this little home featured in the film. 
  • The craziest wedding photos you'll ever see. 

Have a wonderful weekend! xx

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