Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Midweek Obsessions: Hammocks

Did you know that today is National Hammock Day? Probably not. I only do because I am mildly obsessed with them (and work at a company that sells over 150 types). I love the stress-free, relaxing feelings that hammocks evoke, and how they can effortlessly add a touch of whimsy to the inside or outside of your home. There's really no better place to put your feet up for a summer afternoon siesta. I think they just may be the most basic yet ingenious pieces of home decor ever made.

So kick back, pretend there's a breeze, and enjoy this little bit of midweek hammock-spiration.
^ a tropical poolside hammock surrounded by lush green
^ a white hammock chair hanging beneath a pretty porch
^ A hammock with a sheepskin. I could cozy up here all day.
^ a hammock illuminated by string lights. The perfect date night spot.
^ a colorful hammock lounge space on a tiny porch 
^ an idyllic water hammock 
^ A dreamy hammock in a Moroccan palace
^ a room with a pretty hammock view 
^ a lovely hammock escape in a vined outdoor space
^ a bold orange hammock in the middle of the jungle
^ a hammock adds a relaxing element to this beach bungalow 
^ a hammock in the attic, against the most amazing reclaimed wall
^ a sandy hammock retreat by the sea 
^ a kids' dream living room play spot
^ a dry hammock sanctuary above the water
^ a hammock right outside the door
^ a nautical napping spot with the waves as background noise

Happy napping!


  1. After seeing these hammocks, I'm definitely thinking I need to find one for my home. They look like a great way to de-stress. I'm also a big fan of being outdoors and relaxing in nature. A good hammock is the only way to do that. http://www.comfort-of-home.com/dept-46020

  2. Awesome! Each hammock chair inspirations are truly nice. I think people will have very relaxing time sitting on those chairs.

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