Thursday, June 12, 2014

Outdoor Patio Reveal

With the interior of our home completed decorated, we were excited to show the exterior some much-needed TLC this spring.  As I mentioned back in April, our outdoor space needed a lot of work before it would be ready for all the summer days and nights ahead. And I'm happy to report that it looks even better than I imagined, and we are loving spending time in the added living space. Here's how we worked through our pesky to-do list and made it all come together!

First, we cleaned up the dead leaves and washed our patio furniture before installing two of these overhead lights, which were key in allowing us to spend time out there after sunset.
After that, we stained the fence with BEHR wood stain in "Chocolate," which made such a big difference and will protect the wood.
^The fence took a beating over the winter
 ^The first few strokes. See the difference?
 ^ during
 ^ after! 
Next, we hung some DIY mason jar sconces and globe lights for added mood lighting. I also brought the "Shhh" marquee out there that I used for a recent work event, and it looks so cute that I might leave it there! 
After that, we filled in the box planters with some pink & green beauties and also hung some DIY succulent planters and a hanging fuschia plant. You can read more about that here.
Once it was warm enough, we also re-planted our baby tomato plants into a larger outdoor pot. They're growing so quickly now!
Finally, for decor we added an outdoor rug, a DIY painted stump as an end table, and some blue & white ceramic planters that we made in pottery class. I also hung air plants on some fun metal hexagons that I found at our favorite local plant store, Mahoney's. And our pink cactus got to move outside, too. You can't not love the pink cactus.
Can you even remember now how sad and dreary this space was before? Well here's a few reminders, in case you forget.
^ before

And that's the end of the tour! No matter the size, having some sort of outdoor space in the city is really invaluable. It's so nice to get home from work after walking through crowds and sirens and just escape to this serene, lush, quiet little place. I like to think of it as our own miniature secret garden and mac likes to think of it as his own giant doghouse. I'll leave you with a photo of mac during a 4th of July photo shoot we did on the patio for Wayfair yesterday, with mac being his usual photo ham self.
So if you need me this summer, you'll know where to find me. xx

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