Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Decorating for a Bridal Shower

We couldn't have asked for more picture perfect day for Erin's bridal shower last weekend. It was a fairly gloomy, chilly morning when we woke up bright and early to head out of Boston and up to the North Shore to begin cooking, drink mixing, and setting up, but luckily the skies opened up by midday just as guests started arriving. And by the time the beautiful bride-to-be got there, it was hot and sunny and everyone was in great spirits (not sure if it was the sun or the sangria). Thanks to some quick decorating, beautiful flower arrangements brought by Matt's sister Lauren, and incredible food and setup orchestrated by the maid of honor (thanks Bekah!) the whole afternoon went smoothly. And seeing the huge smile on Erin's face throughout it all was the best.

Wedding season is upon us guys. I think that bridal showers are one of the most fun parts - surrounded by all the ladies you love most. I'm so grateful that I got to be one of those ladies for Erin, and the shower made me that much more excited to celebrate with all these people again on the big day in July. Especially given the fact that I'm pretty sure we had to refill the hefty sangria dispenser three times over the course of the shower. Erin's family knows how to party.
The majority of the decor was from the Oh Joy for Target spring line (there's tons of new goodies now for summer!). I love how fun and colorful her products are, and the teals, oranges and pinks we chose were perfect together. All the bridesmaids also got together to DIY some gold table runners for the round tables. Here's a quick tutorial in case you want to make them for an upcoming summer party yourself!

Here's what you need:
- white tulle (Michaels)
- a couple of bottles of metallic gold craft paint (Michaels)
- foam brushes
- mason jar ring tops

To make them, lay newspaper and then cut strips of the tulle to you desired length (we did about 5 feet per round table). Next, place the mason jar ring on the tulle and fill in the circle with your paint and foam brush. Repeat this step in any pattern you like! Then, just hang the strips to dry for about an hour.

Happy wedding season!

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