Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A peek at our pottery

After taking a pottery class for the last couple of months, we were finally able to bring all of our finished pieces home last week! And I wanted to share a little bit about our experience, as well as some photos of the creations we made while we were there.

Josh and I had been talking about taking a wheel-throwing class ever since he moved to Boston. He had fond memories of his class in college (which he actually used to bring Mac too when he was a tiny pup!) and I had always wanted to try it after admiring all of the amazing handmade pieces that artists sell at farmer's markets and craft fairs. So, we finally bit the bullet this winter and signed up for Richard's Tuesday night class at Feet of Clay studio in Brookline, which I had heard about through a coworker. The classes are one night a week (7-10pm) for eight weeks and the studio is located right off the green line (Brookline Village stop), so it was super easy to get to after work. Josh and I love that area but don't get over there often, so we would even go early sometimes and grab dinner or a drink somewhere like Barcelona Wine Bar or our favorite, the Publick House. On most nights, though, we'd just bring our own beer directly to class and start getting our hands dirty. Josh picked it back up like a pro and didn't need much direction, while I definitely struggled at first (picture bowls imploding, clay flying, beers spilling). Luckily, there are only about 10 people in each class so I was able to get a lot of (much needed) help. There are several steps in pottery (i.e. throwing, trimming, firing, glazing) so as you can imagine, we did a little bit of each in class every week. We actually needed to go back to the studio for 3 weeks after the class had ended to finish things up.

If you are interested in clay or just looking for a fun activity in Boston, I would highly recommend Richard's class at Feet of Clay. After a long day at work, it was so nice to head into the studio, pull a stool up to the wheel, and just focus on the clay - without the ability to even physically touch your phone. It was almost like therapy, as well as a great bonding experience for josh and I. And after that second or third class when it finally just "clicks" and you get the hang of it...that's the best.

 Ok, time for show & tell!
^ Josh and my first attempt at making "matching" mugs. Clearly, they are far from matching and came out more like tea cups. We didn't realize how much clay shrinks when fired! These were made with rougher "buff" clay and an OGT matte glaze. 
^ Attempt #2 at matching mugs. A little better! I love how the glazes settled so interestingly on the buff clay. For these, we dipped half the mug into matte white glaze and half into a turquoise. 
^ Two more mugs. White clay dipped in half white, half turquoise glaze.
^Josh's new favorite ice cream bowl. Made with buff clay and OGT glaze. 
^ A couple little planters glazed with a matte green glaze. We used the one above as the first pot for our baby tomato plants.
^ A set of plates! Dipped in half matte white glaze and half midnight blue.
^ A few more planters/bowls. Soon to be on the patio. 
^ A little vase! I gave this one to my mom for Mother's Day. :)
^We made a bunch of these medium-sized planters in half blue half white for the patio and I love how they came out! 

Ok, I'm done showing off our pots. But seriously, we came really really far from our first time on the wheel. I think if we were to take the class again, we could eliminate the trial and error part and make so much more. But if your a beginner and thinking of taking a similar class, this is a pretty good example of what you can expect to get out of it! I'm so excited to start using everything. 

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