Thursday, May 15, 2014

This week on Marlborough 5.16

Happy almost Friday! I'm posting this tonight since josh and I will be leaving early tomorrow morning for Bermuda and will be happily roaming and forced to disconnect from technology for a few days. Our bags are packed and we are pretty excited, to say the least. Josh got this trip for me as a birthday gift back in January, but it will also mark 5 years of dating for us. It's crazy to think that at this point we have experienced nearly a fifth of our lives together, but I'm so glad we have. After a couple years of long distance dating and uncertainty as to where we would end up, I finally feel like we are both exactly where we should be in life individually and also together. My heart is so content. I can't wait to just relax and celebrate that on this mini vacation.

As for this week...I unfortunately spent most of it battling a virus that I caught somewhere in between here and Virginia last weekend, but I am thankfully nearing the end of it just in time to fly again. Despite the cold, I did have the most amazing time visiting my friend Emily for her graduation from Mary Washington University last weekend. My mom and I flew down and completely surprised her, hence the deliberate vagueness around my Mother's Day plans last week. :) It was so nice getting the chance to see the school and town where she spent so much time, made such great friends, and really transitioned into who she is today. And Fredericksburg, VA is absolutely beautiful in the spring, so that wasn't bad either. I took the photo above on a walk that Emily & John took us on through some old historical grounds after her graduation ceremony. Thanks for being the best tour guide, Em!

Here are a few fun links for this week:

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  • My DIY rug was featured on Wayfair this week! Full tutorial coming soon.

Until next week! x

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