Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let there be plants!

This spring, I went from knowing nothing about plants to knowing something (a small something) about plants thanks to my green thumb mama. I feel like knowing about gardening is a sort of right of passage into adulthood in a way. It's something that I never cared about before but as I've gotten older, have more and more wanted to care about. Both of my grandmoms and my own mom get such joy out of gardening and have talked to me about plants for as long as I can remember. I have such fond memories of my mom's mom kneeling on her gardening mat in her floral, skirted bathing-suit for hours in her garden overlooking the beach, her happy place. Similarly, my dad's mom is equally committed to her vegetable and herb gardens down in Westport, MA and I love seeing them flourish each summer. I'm excited that this year I've gotten one step closer to being in this special gardening club that I've always witnessed but never been a part of.

So a couple of weekends ago, my mom and I went to Kane's in Danvers to find some pretty things for my outdoor planters. Walking into the plant store was like walking into heaven - there are just so many beautiful options. We were fairly restricted when choosing plants due to the lack of sunlight in our outdoor space, so I learned a lot about which types of plants can thrive in the shade. After nearly an hour of ogling over all the colorful choices, we decided on a mix of pink geraniums, licorice, and hanging vinca for the box planters. We also picked up a gorgeous hanging fuchsia plant.
^ Here's how the planters looked before (sad face)
^ and here's how they look now!
And I obviously couldn't leave the plant store without choosing some succulents, including a few of my favorite types (donkey tails and string of pearls!) for some DIY hanging planters that I wanted to add to our patio trellis. For this project, we used bamboo some fun and lightweight utensil holders ($15 each here) as pots since the succulents won't need much water. Then, josh just drilled a hole in each one and then after potting the succulents with some soil, we slipped a clear zip-tie in the holes and around the trellis to hang them. Such an easy way to create your own hanging succulent display! I found the cute porcelain planters with leather straps at a garden store, but it looks like you can also find them on Etsy.
It's amazing what a difference the plants have made on our patio! It finally feels so summery out there. Planting those box planters was also the last thing we had to cross of our lengthy to do list, which means I'll be sharing photos of the entire finished space very soon!

And a BIG thanks to my mommy, for getting her hands dirty to make our look patio so pretty.

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