Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DIY Painted Jute Rug

So I know you're probably thinking "wait, you can paint a rug?!" which was exactly what I was thinking when I took on this project. I was especially weary given the uneven/risen nature of jute rugs. But it turns out the answer is yes, you can! It's not the quickest project, but it's definitely a way to create a beautiful, custom rug for a lot less than you could buy a patterned rug for in stores. All you need to get started is a natural rug (flatweave, jute, sisal, etc.), painter's tape, and regular wall paint in your choice of color.

This project was part of a larger paint campaign I was doing for Wayfair. Basically, we challenged some of our favorite bloggers to take everyday household items like baskets, curtains, or rugs, and transform them with paint. I chose this lovely thick jute runner in the 2'3" by 11' size and decided to recreate the herringbone look of these rugs I love from Serena & Lily. Here's how I did it!

First, lay your rug flat and tape off your vertical lines with painter's tape, making sure to measure so that your lines are evenly spaced apart.
Next, begin adding your smaller horizontal lines, laying them at an upward angle. I made two dots (5 inches apart) on a piece of paper and moved it up for each piece of tape to make sure they were all evenly spaced.
When you start on the next row of horizontal lines, start angling them in the other direction to create a "V". Make sure to continue using the piece of paper to keep the lines the same distance apart.
I'm not going to lie, these first couple of rows take a long time (you'll notice my two different pairs of socks because I had to spread it out over a couple of days). Play some good music, zone out, and stick with it! The last two rows get easier because things start to line up. Luckily, I had a cute pup to keep me company and josh joined in to help crank out the last pieces. If you start with a smaller rug, this step will obviously be much quicker and if you choose a bigger rug, godspeed.
When your done taping (congrats!) make sure to really push down on the painter's tape to make sure it's suck firmly in all those crevices. Then, you're ready to paint! I did some research on painting rugs and it seemed like just using regular wall paint was the way to go, so we used a can of blue that we had leftover from our painted accent wall. I'd definitely recommend assembling a team for this part. Josh and Sean worked on covering the rug with a generous amount of paint (thanks guys!!) with large brushes while I followed their path with a small foam brush to cover all of the places that the big brush missed. You'll probably want to do this outside, but it was raining so we had to move the operation indoors. You'll also probably want a good beer nearby.
Next, let it dry overnight. I know it's so tempting to want to pull off those pieces of tape and see the amazing, clean lines underneath, but you really want it to dry fully so that the paint doesn't run. Once dry, rip off the tape and admire the beauty!
I love how it turned out and how it looks in our kitchen! We've actually had it for a few months now, and I'm pleased to report that the rug and paint are both holding up perfectly, despite always being underfoot.

What do you think? Would you try painting a rug? If you are going to attempt this project, I'd definitely recommend getting a good quality jute/sisal rug for the best results. Also, be sure to check out my rug and all the other blogger paint projects over on Wayfair!


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