Friday, April 25, 2014

This week on Marlborough 4.25

^Freezing our bums off (but loving every minute) of our first Red Sox/Yankees game

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! I spent most of it trying to enjoy the (fairly) nice weather outdoors, including heading to last night's Red Sox game and also taking an extended lunch break on Monday to get some sun and watch the marathon. Marathon Monday was a picture perfect day here in Boston, and although it took me over an hour to navigate my way through the crowds back to Marlborough after work, I loved seeing so many smiles from runners, spectators, and the police alike. It was such a contrast from last year and just what we needed.

This weekend, I am actually really excited to have NO plans, other than some patio work and hopefully seeing this movie. We'll be staining our outdoor fence tomorrow (and josh also wants to build a cornhole set) so after a couple trips to Home Depot this weekend, I'm hoping to have a little patio update for everyone next week. It's coming along!
And here are some fun links from this week...
  • Skillet cookies. Yum.
  • The best Boston Marathon signs this year.
  • This Sorrento beach house. That mint/leather chair makes my jaw drop!
  • The purrfect way to spend Sunday night (if you live in NYC).
  • I've been loving modern plant pots lately. You may be spotting one or more of these in our outdoor space.
  • Josh and I watched "American Blogger" this week and while the trailer was rightfully met with a lot of controversy, I really enjoyed the resulting film, which featured some of my favorite bloggers. And while I've seen tons of differing opinions about the movie, the fact that these women's lives have been changed through blogging is undeniable.
  • A really cute idea for Mother's Day.
  • Are you one of those people that eat an entire avocado with a spoon? Then you'll think these salads are as genius as I do.

Happy Friday! I'll leave you with some of my fave iPhone photos taken in Vermont this past weekend, including one of my all-time favorite pictures of mac being "walked" by a puppy...
^One of my favorite views in the world (josh's parent's house on Lake Champlain)
^Mac has such a disdain for energetic puppies. Can you tell?!
^ "I will sit next to you but I refuse to look at you."

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