Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Plans for our patio

^ Our patio back in September on Josh's birthday

When we moved in, the window in our bedroom (that looks out onto the patio) was one of our favorite features of the apartment. It was a huge custom window that still operated on a chain pulley system and was probably original to the building. However, as we moved into winter, we realized that this window (and the freezing draft it let in) just wasn't practical and that instead of being antique, it might actually just be ancient. We kept it covered by a shade and plastic window wrap for most of the winter as we hibernated, and just finally opened it back up this week when we got the window replaced by a shiny new (and most importantly, air-tight) one. And although we are so happy with the new window and are enjoying letting a little light and fresh air in this week, we weren't as happy with what we saw on the other side.

Here's the view from the window the day I moved in last fall vs. the view from the window now.
After a long, brutal winter here in Boston, our little garden patio is looking pretty sad. My bike is caked in rust, the brick is blanketed by dead leaves, our planters are filled with wilted plants, and our furniture is looking a little tired, at best. I'm so excited to spend our first summer in our outdoor space, but we've certainly got a lot to do to prepare it for that.
^ Rusty bike

For starters, the patio currently has no lighting aside from a motion censored safety light and a couple solar-powered string lights that we wrapped around the tree. One of the biggest projects before summer gets here will be to install two overhead lights to brighten it up out there and make all that late-night grilling and gathering possible. We aren't positive about which lights we are going with yet, but we like this one best so far.
The part I'm really looking forward to is adding some vegetation out there! Josh wants to try and grow a tomato plant (he's tomato obsessed) and I'd love to hang some herb planters on the wall that is covered by the overhang. My mom (the resident green thumb) and I are also going to have a lot of fun replanting the four long garden boxes. They were so pretty last year and I can't wait for them to come to life again.

So here's the long list of to-dos that we'll be trying our best to complete within the next couple of months. I hope you'll keep stopping by to check in on our progress - I'll be sure to keep you updated along the way!

- Install new window
- Sweep away dead leaves & dirt
- Wash patio furniture & brick
- Install outdoor lights & outlet
- Stain the fence
- Replant box planters
- Hang herb planters on wall (possibly DIY these)
- Plant tomato plant and other ground pots
- Add some decor (outdoor rug, string lights, table plants, pillows etc.)
^ my vision

Is anyone else battling with a dreary patio or backyard right now? It's so crazy how outdoor spaces can completely transform from season to season. Boston is still so brown, and I can't wait for all the green to get here. If you need a need a little taste of summer like I did this week, check out some of my favorite outdoor spaces here.

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