Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Anatomy of a spring outfit

In my opinion, spring in New England is one of the hardest seasons to dress for. The weather is so unpredictable, and it's completely normal to have a 30 degree day and a 70 degree day in the same week. Especially now that I walk over a mile to work every day, I have be dressed in such a way that no matter what elements spring in Boston wants to throw at me - including heat, wind, rain, or snow - I will be fairly comfortable. It's the absolute worst when your are stuck outside waiting at a crosswalk and are too hot or too cold. Dressing for the weather can be really hard, but after a few rough walks so far this season, I've found a sure-fire outfit that I'm comfortable in no matter what the temperature and that you can dress up or down depending on the day.
1. Boyfriend or straight leg jeans
Jeans with a looser fit are great for spring because they keep your legs covered, but also leave a little room for air if you get an uncharacteristic 75 degree day. Skinny jeans are great when you need to tuck them into boots, but straighter leg jeans can be rolled up easily at the bottom so you can wear them with sandals on really warm days. I've been loving all the boyjean styles available at Madewell right now.

2. White silk shirt
I rarely wear any white in the winter, but once spring gets here I can't get enough. White looks great with denim and is neutral so you can accessorize with just about any color. I have a couple white silk (or faux-silk) shirts that have become my staples, but I'm in the market for a couple more.

3. Pumps
Spring is pretty much the only time of year in Boston that you can rock pumps. In fall/winter it's too cold to have your feet exposed and in the summer closed-toed pumps will make your feet too sweaty. If your not a heels person, this also applies to flats! I especially love suede pumps and flats in bright, statement colors.

4. Colorful Jewelry
When the rest of your outfit is fairly basic and neutral, you can really have fun with accessories. I could wear this outfit every day for a week with different jewelry & shoe choices and no one would probably even notice. OK so they probably would, but the point is that you can use accessories to make this outfit completely unique.

Blouses: Zara//Sunglasses: Urban//Jeans: Madewell// Pumps: J.Crew//Cuff: NastyGal//Horn Necklace: Vince Camuto//Tortoiseshell necklace: J.Crew

I've found that I've worn a version of this outfit pretty much every day since the beginning of April. It's perfect for work (if you have a casual work environment) but also perfectly transitions into something you can wear after work for drinks with friends or on a date night. It's also really easy to modify based on the unpredictable weather. If it's a little chilly, swap the heels out for cute booties and a leather jacket. If it's a little warmer, cuff the ends of the jeans and wear your favorite wedges. Whatever the case, you'll look good and be super comfortable. Trust me!

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