Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 DIYs to try before summer

There are so many little things you can do to get yourself (and your home) into summer mode. Here are a few that I've tried lately!

1. Make a piece of jewelry.
My turtlenecks and sweaters have been safely stored away, so I decided to try my hand at jewelry making this month for the first time since clay beading in elementary school camp. Working with wire is so much harder than it looks! I started with a seemingly easy DIY wire wrapping tutorial that was supposed to end up looking like this, but I only got about 1/20th through the necklace before my fingers started to fall off and it got too tedious for my DIY tastes. I left the supplies on our living room ottoman and I would catch josh trying to do one or two beads for me, but in the end it wasn't his forte either. All in all, I still love the delicate necklace that resulted and the simplicity of the chain with less beads. If you try this one, good luck! Tutorial (with video instructions) here.
2. Add color to something ugly.
Summer is all about color! Before summer gets here, take something that your tired of staring at every day and bring it to life. I added some colorful striped washi tape to my white Macbook cord and love it so much more now. I'm also thinking about adding some bold color to our wooden spoons like this.
3. Dress up a plant
Plants are synonymous with summer. If your adding a few to your home this season, consider spicing them up a bit with some fun planters! I used gold glitter decals to accent some pink cacti and josh made a pretty clay planter in wheel-throwing class for our growing infant tomato plants. Even without access to a wheel, there are tons of ways to dress up your favorite plants, including these 18 DIY planter crafts and this cute paper bag pot idea.
4. Hang some outdoor candles
I love the relaxed, romantic look of candlelight. So even if you only have a tiny bit of space outdoors, try to add some candles for summer to set the mood. After seeing tons of beautiful photos of hanging mason jar candles, we decided to recreate them for our outdoor space (for less than $10!). We picked up a few mason jars, wire, and string at Michael's and josh used the wire to create secure loops for hanging. Then I just added hemp string, burned the knots for extra strength, and hung them on one of my favorite decorative racks I found on sale last year at HomeGoods. Voila! Instant hanging sconces. ( P.S. you can see how dreamy they look at night here.  P.P.S. if you don't want to make them, you can score a few on sale here.)
5. Make moisturizer
After all, your skin will actually be showing soon. With a few all-natural (and inexpensive) ingredients, I made my own lemon honey hand lotion using this tutorial and it feels and smells amazing. You can see all the ingredients needed here, and even buy the entire kit for yourself or as a gift! I've already stored this handmade lotion in my purse and can't wait use it on my (hopefully tan) hands all through summer.
I love trying new projects like these and not only coming to conclusions about what I like to do, but discovering that more often than not, I can make all the things I see that I love and want to buy. Summer's (nearing) arrival is a great excuse to experiment! Have you tried any fun projects lately?

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