Friday, March 21, 2014

This week on Marlborough 3.21

 ^Bandy got a few too many pink lipstick kisses this week!

A few highlights from the week...

  • We started putting some of the driftwood we found this winter to use this week and I love how they are turning out. More to come!
  • This bear suit made me smile. 
  • I just booked a flight to Atlanta! I'll be traveling there for work in May for our second blogger conference, the Mom 2.0 Summit. We'll be sponsoring a lounge similarly to what we did at Alt Summit, but are going with a much different theme this time around. You can take a little sneak peek into our decorating plans here, if you promise to shhhhh...
  • Is anyone as obsessed with The Voice as I am? I loved watching the battle rounds this week. (And on that note, did you see this nun kill it on Italy's Voice?!)
  • Yesterday was the official first day of spring! And I couldn't be more ready for the warm weather. Since we moved in September, josh and I have never experienced Marlborough in the spring, and we are so excited to stop hibernating and start spending tons more time in our outdoor space. I can't wait for all the grilling, eating, planting, reading and star-gazing that's going to happen out there! 
  • Today is Anime Boston - also known as my favorite day to work in Back Bay of the year. This is my 3rd year experiencing it, and at this point nothing that I see, no matter how crazy, surprises me. Claire and I took a little lunch stroll to join in the fun. Best.people.watching.ever. 
And a few fun things from around the web...
  • Stop everything! Kim & Kanye are on the cover of Vogue. And they shot a behind the scenes with baby North who's just so damn cute
  • I don't know if I could ever do this, but this little home (and the idea behind it) is pretty cool. 
  • This 4 year old's relationship with her bulldog is adorable.
  • Mac may look more like Daisy, but he's definitely a Cooper
  • Love this quote I saw on the Free People blog this week. So true. 
  • 73 quick questions with Sarah Jessica Parker (and a peek into her amazing NY home). SJP is the coolest.
  • This tree is HUGE. 
  • Wayfair made it to the 2nd round of Boston's startup March Madness! Vote here to help send us to the quarters (and vote for Gazelle in the 2nd bracket while your there). :)
  • I love this Texas cottage makeover and this thrifted Midwestern home. 
  • These DIYs really make me want to rescue some old pieces of furniture. 
  • The 41 most awkward things that ever happened. #16 is so awkward it hurts! 

Happy Friday all! 

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