Friday, March 14, 2014

This week on Marlborough 3.14

^ Go Bs!  (p.s., check out the hottie in the back)

A few highlights from this week...
  • I skied Jay Peak for the first time last weekend and I loved the mountain! Due to the low visibility (ice + goggles + my eyesight = not a good mix), our morning was spent with more lodge beers than runs. But thankfully, right after lunch the skies opened up to make for a perfect, sunny blue bird ski day. The afternoon was spent admiring the gorgeous views of Canada alongside the trails and throwing mardi gras beads at people off the lifts. :)
  • Our temporary roomie Sean just got a job offer San Francisco last night, and accepted! I'm so excited for him & Kelsey and their big move to California (and to visit them). 
  • Josh and I had so much fun at our first wheel throwing class this week. Josh picked it back up like a pro after taking a couple of classes in college, while I seriously struggled at the beginning. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to center that little piece of clay, and I'm not there yet, but even by the end of the first class I was feeling more confident. Josh made a set of amazing mugs by the end of the 3-hour class, and I was able to pull together a little (interestingly shaped) vase. I'm so excited to get better, make more, and move on to glazing! 
  • We had our first little taste of spring this week in Boston and my walks to work became more like strolls than full-on, bundled-up sprints. In the span of a day, Copley Square transformed from a desolate wind/ice tunnel into a skate park and picnic area bustling with people and smiles. And boy it was nice, but unfortunately short-lived when the snow and freezing temps came back. Come on spring, we're ready for you!
  • Josh and I went to the Bruins v. Coyotes game last night and they won! It may be josh's influence, but hockey has slowly become my favorite Boston sport. There is just something about a action-packed, scrappy Bruins games, in a stadium filled with rowdy, swearing fans, to really make you feel a sense of Boston pride. I sure do love my city. 

And a few fun things from around the web...
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  • I've been on a berry kick lately. And this is next. 
  • Starting in a couple of weeks, the T will finally be open later on weekends. Boston's MBTA is making strides! Well, kind of
  • J. Crew is having a shoe sale! I scooped these bad boys up this week. After all, Radiant Orchid is the color of the year. 

Have a great weekend! 

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