Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY Driftwood Jewelry Rack

Everyone seems to be fully embracing spring. Photos of DIY Easter eggs have blanketed my Pinterest feed, spring fashion is all over my Instagram, and pretty pastels and sweet birds nests fill the windows of all my favorite city stores. But when your walking by those store windows with your head down to shield you from the wind and when your browsing those Pinterest photos while bundled up in your coziest sweater, it's hard to truly appreciate all those amazing signs of spring. Spring is everywhere, except outside.

So this week when we finally decided to put some of the icy, rusty pieces of driftwood we found this winter to good use, I decided to infuse to a little of the spring life into them that I so badly crave. And as I was shivering on our back patio while coating them with polyurethane (in gloves) I could almost smell Lake Champlain seeping out of their wood pores and I could almost envision laying in the sand where they once were. Almost! But after I cleaned them up a bit and jumped on the spring/Easter bandwagon by adding some cute gold bunny hooks, they definitely brightened up my day a little. Here's how I made them!

And spring, will you hurry up already? My bunnies are freezing.
What you need:
- Piece of driftwood
- Polyurethane & brush
- Hooks of your choice
- Screws & electric screwdriver
- Sawtooth picture hangers

How to make it:
Clean any dirt/debris off of your piece of wood and then coat it with polyurethane to protect it (I did 3 coats). Then, use a ruler make dots for your screws that are equidistant apart. If your piece of wood is old and a bit weak like ours were, you'll want to drill holes for the screws before screwing them in as to not split the wood. After you've made holes, drill the screws in to hang your hooks. Finally, add sawtooth hangers to the back and hang! If your rack is fairly heavy likes ours, you'll want to screw it directly into the wall vs. using sawtooth hangers.
^ finished rack before mounting

The best part about this project is that we made a few and will be selling them! If you'd like one shoot me an email at :)

And stay tuned! I'll be sharing a roundup of some more of my favorite Easter DIYs later in April once it (hopefully) warms up.

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