Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Better Barefoot: A new rug!

Our new bedroom rug came yesterday! And aside from the feat of getting it under our very heavy king-size bed, we are loving it so far and our pale, cold feet couldn't be happier. Here's a little peek into our rug buying experience.

Affording/Choosing/Buying a Rug
We've been saving for this fluffy piece of heaven for a while. If there's one thing I've learned about rugs, it's that if you want them to last, you need to spend money, even if it means saving your pennies while you live with bare floors for a little. We knew we needed one back in November when it started to really get chilly in our garden-level bedroom, but weren't able to finally splurge until the end of February. A nice rug is a BIG investment, but we knew that it would be worth it in the long run to have a good-quality rug that we loved and worth it in the short run to survive the rest of this year's winter mornings when it's almost unbearable to get out of bed onto those icy hardwoods. I can't tell you how satisfying it was to step out of bed this morning onto warm fuzziness. Mac even chose to sleep on the rug instead of his beloved bed. That's love.

When it came to choosing the rug, I knew we needed 3 things:
1. A Moroccan style rug to match the rugs in the rest of our home
2. A white or ivory rug to brighten up the bedroom and match the neutral vibe we've got goin' on in there
3. A shag or sheepskin style rug to keep our toes warm

I particularly loved all the shag rugs inspired by traditional Moroccan Berber rugs that I'd been seeing trending in the design space. They were cozy and neutral, but they had the perfect amount of geometric pattern to keep them interesting and bring a little life to a room. Most of them were also made of wool, which is resilient, naturally stain-resistant, and will wear well and get even better over time. I'd nailed down the style, but just had to find the right one.
^ Inspiration: 1//2//3//4//5//6

And here's some of the rugs I was considering...

In the end we went with the last option above (NuLoom Marabella Moroccan Shag Ivory Kilim Rug) because it fit all the criteria above and I got the best discount from Wayfair. :) It has a discreet Moroccan pattern, is the perfect ivory color, is soft and shaggy, and is 100% wool. I think it's safe we are very happy with our decision. 
What do you think!? I think Mac's the most smitten with this particular addition to our home. Josh and I caught him circling the bed full speed this morning rubbing his body along the rug. It was so funny - I'll try to get a video to share!

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  1. What a beautiful rug. Now the only problem is you're gonna have trouble finding an area rug cleaner that can handle a rug that big... and with a bright one like that (and a cute little doggo who clearly likes the luxurious softness of your new rug) you're really gonna need it!