Friday, March 28, 2014

This week on Marlborough 3.28

^ I'm not sure when they take the Comm. ave. Christmas lights down. I hope never.

A few highlights of the week...

Work was pretty all encompassing this week due to the launch of Birch Lane, which joined the Wayfair family this Wednesday to become our fourth lifestyle brand (along with Joss&Main, AllModern, & DwellStudio). Birch Lane is the brainchild of some incredibly creative folks here at Wayfair and the products/photoshoots have been a long time in the making - but we've had to keep it very hush hush. Everything in the new collection is soooo beautiful, think Pottery Barn but a bit more affordable. You can see some of my favorites from the collection here.

So while much of the Birch Lane team headed to New York this week for a launch event and press previews, I headed into the office super early on Wednesday morning to kick off all of their social channels to coincide with the launch. I hope you'll join us in saying #hellobirchlane this week!

Well, there was one other big win for the week...we moved to glazing in clay class! :)

And a few fun things from around the web...
  • I can't get this song out of my head. It's my new jam.
  • I've got some major breakfast making to do.
  • I'd like to be having a Friday afternoon drink here. #tgif
  • Leighton Meester's cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" is, well, dreamy.
  • Grandmothers reading the lyrics to that Beyonce song that "all the teenagers are singing." So funny!
  • Have you heard of the site ChicWish? I stumbled on the site  this week and snagged this little number. I've been loving stripes lately. 
  • I love how a yellow sofa creates a sunny focial point in all these rooms.
  • 11 amazing photojournalists to follow on Instagram.
  • This post-it map is so cool.
  • Emily & John's wedding video is up and it's amazing! Relive the magic of #jemwed.

And finally, I hope you all will join me in sending thoughts and prayers to the families of the two firefighters that died this week a couple of blocks from our apartment. I loved seeing the Bruins honor them last night, and hearing what Tom Brady had to say after watching the fire first hand from his home a few doors down. What these guys did everyday makes everything I do and worry about seem totally and completely insignificant in comparison. I am so grateful for them risking their lives, and sadly losing them, for the sake of the neighborhood and the city we love so much.

Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY Driftwood Jewelry Rack

Everyone seems to be fully embracing spring. Photos of DIY Easter eggs have blanketed my Pinterest feed, spring fashion is all over my Instagram, and pretty pastels and sweet birds nests fill the windows of all my favorite city stores. But when your walking by those store windows with your head down to shield you from the wind and when your browsing those Pinterest photos while bundled up in your coziest sweater, it's hard to truly appreciate all those amazing signs of spring. Spring is everywhere, except outside.

So this week when we finally decided to put some of the icy, rusty pieces of driftwood we found this winter to good use, I decided to infuse to a little of the spring life into them that I so badly crave. And as I was shivering on our back patio while coating them with polyurethane (in gloves) I could almost smell Lake Champlain seeping out of their wood pores and I could almost envision laying in the sand where they once were. Almost! But after I cleaned them up a bit and jumped on the spring/Easter bandwagon by adding some cute gold bunny hooks, they definitely brightened up my day a little. Here's how I made them!

And spring, will you hurry up already? My bunnies are freezing.
What you need:
- Piece of driftwood
- Polyurethane & brush
- Hooks of your choice
- Screws & electric screwdriver
- Sawtooth picture hangers

How to make it:
Clean any dirt/debris off of your piece of wood and then coat it with polyurethane to protect it (I did 3 coats). Then, use a ruler make dots for your screws that are equidistant apart. If your piece of wood is old and a bit weak like ours were, you'll want to drill holes for the screws before screwing them in as to not split the wood. After you've made holes, drill the screws in to hang your hooks. Finally, add sawtooth hangers to the back and hang! If your rack is fairly heavy likes ours, you'll want to screw it directly into the wall vs. using sawtooth hangers.
^ finished rack before mounting

The best part about this project is that we made a few and will be selling them! If you'd like one shoot me an email at :)

And stay tuned! I'll be sharing a roundup of some more of my favorite Easter DIYs later in April once it (hopefully) warms up.

Friday, March 21, 2014

This week on Marlborough 3.21

 ^Bandy got a few too many pink lipstick kisses this week!

A few highlights from the week...

  • We started putting some of the driftwood we found this winter to use this week and I love how they are turning out. More to come!
  • This bear suit made me smile. 
  • I just booked a flight to Atlanta! I'll be traveling there for work in May for our second blogger conference, the Mom 2.0 Summit. We'll be sponsoring a lounge similarly to what we did at Alt Summit, but are going with a much different theme this time around. You can take a little sneak peek into our decorating plans here, if you promise to shhhhh...
  • Is anyone as obsessed with The Voice as I am? I loved watching the battle rounds this week. (And on that note, did you see this nun kill it on Italy's Voice?!)
  • Yesterday was the official first day of spring! And I couldn't be more ready for the warm weather. Since we moved in September, josh and I have never experienced Marlborough in the spring, and we are so excited to stop hibernating and start spending tons more time in our outdoor space. I can't wait for all the grilling, eating, planting, reading and star-gazing that's going to happen out there! 
  • Today is Anime Boston - also known as my favorite day to work in Back Bay of the year. This is my 3rd year experiencing it, and at this point nothing that I see, no matter how crazy, surprises me. Claire and I took a little lunch stroll to join in the fun. Best.people.watching.ever. 
And a few fun things from around the web...
  • Stop everything! Kim & Kanye are on the cover of Vogue. And they shot a behind the scenes with baby North who's just so damn cute
  • I don't know if I could ever do this, but this little home (and the idea behind it) is pretty cool. 
  • This 4 year old's relationship with her bulldog is adorable.
  • Mac may look more like Daisy, but he's definitely a Cooper
  • Love this quote I saw on the Free People blog this week. So true. 
  • 73 quick questions with Sarah Jessica Parker (and a peek into her amazing NY home). SJP is the coolest.
  • This tree is HUGE. 
  • Wayfair made it to the 2nd round of Boston's startup March Madness! Vote here to help send us to the quarters (and vote for Gazelle in the 2nd bracket while your there). :)
  • I love this Texas cottage makeover and this thrifted Midwestern home. 
  • These DIYs really make me want to rescue some old pieces of furniture. 
  • The 41 most awkward things that ever happened. #16 is so awkward it hurts! 

Happy Friday all! 

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Midweek Obsessions: Typographic Decor


If you're drawn to the written word like I am - you know how magical it is when a great quote or phrase catches your eye. And when you have that passion combined with working in the home decor space all day - words in design really start to stand out. The reason I started this blog (nearly 10 months ago!) was because of my love for writing and decorating - so it seems only natural to equally love combining the two. I've found that most of the home photos I've been inspired by and pinning lately have words in them somewhere that I can resonate with. Adding a specific phrase, word or just a letter that means something to you is a way to really customize your home decor - and I think that's the reason I love this trend so much. Josh and I have used words to decorate our place in tons of ways, from our gallery wall to the piece of driftwood and J&L letters we have on our bedroom mantle. Some may say it's cliché, but I say it's awesome.

So add words to walls or pillows or beds or wherever - and let your home (truly) speak for you!  Here are a few of my typographic faves...
 ^Cool workspace idea
 ^Are you a scrabble lover? This is such a cute idea. 
 ^Obsessed with this DIY headboard
^Fun literal idea for a kitchen. 
^ In love with my Coveted Things scarf (pictured on our bed).
^I'd like to frame this.
^ And this

And here are some wordy products I've been loving lately!

1. Love the industrial-chic look of these letter wall hooks. 
2. A fun accent for the adventurer. 
3. Dr. Seuss quotes always seem to fit life perfectly. I think this one's my all time fave. 
4. These wire script accents would look great above a bed. 
5. We have this Etsy print framed as part of our office gallery wall and I love the quote.  It's a perfect gift for a loved one - you can customize for any state!
6. A great way to go bold with your bedding
7. Sleep soundly with this "sweet dreams" pillow pair. 
8. Love these shabby chic, natural XO pillows. 
9. These metallic balloons would be great for a birthday party.
10. Great motivational wall decal for an office or desk area!
11. Love this geometric LOVE pillow for an accent chair. 
12. These Greater Than prints on Etsy are so fun, especially this cheese one we have framed in our office. :)
13. Digging the classic look of these monogram mugs. 
14. This simple and sweet "You are the apply of my eye" print would make for a great focal point in a kids room. All of Sugarboo Design's typographic pieces are equally sentimental and awesome. 
15. Love this print for a console table, dresser, or desk. 
16. I'm obsessed with all of Alexandra Ferguson's bold & quirky pillows. You may have spotted this one in my post about Alt Summit last month - we used it in our lounge space!

Happy hump day all! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

This week on Marlborough 3.14

^ Go Bs!  (p.s., check out the hottie in the back)

A few highlights from this week...
  • I skied Jay Peak for the first time last weekend and I loved the mountain! Due to the low visibility (ice + goggles + my eyesight = not a good mix), our morning was spent with more lodge beers than runs. But thankfully, right after lunch the skies opened up to make for a perfect, sunny blue bird ski day. The afternoon was spent admiring the gorgeous views of Canada alongside the trails and throwing mardi gras beads at people off the lifts. :)
  • Our temporary roomie Sean just got a job offer San Francisco last night, and accepted! I'm so excited for him & Kelsey and their big move to California (and to visit them). 
  • Josh and I had so much fun at our first wheel throwing class this week. Josh picked it back up like a pro after taking a couple of classes in college, while I seriously struggled at the beginning. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to center that little piece of clay, and I'm not there yet, but even by the end of the first class I was feeling more confident. Josh made a set of amazing mugs by the end of the 3-hour class, and I was able to pull together a little (interestingly shaped) vase. I'm so excited to get better, make more, and move on to glazing! 
  • We had our first little taste of spring this week in Boston and my walks to work became more like strolls than full-on, bundled-up sprints. In the span of a day, Copley Square transformed from a desolate wind/ice tunnel into a skate park and picnic area bustling with people and smiles. And boy it was nice, but unfortunately short-lived when the snow and freezing temps came back. Come on spring, we're ready for you!
  • Josh and I went to the Bruins v. Coyotes game last night and they won! It may be josh's influence, but hockey has slowly become my favorite Boston sport. There is just something about a action-packed, scrappy Bruins games, in a stadium filled with rowdy, swearing fans, to really make you feel a sense of Boston pride. I sure do love my city. 

And a few fun things from around the web...
  • This is the house I dream about.
  • 13 children's book quotes every adult should know. 
  • These personalized mason jars are a really cute gift idea. 
  • 30 days, 30 salads proves it is possible to eat salad every day without getting bored. 
  • 24 small New England towns you have to visit. How many have you been to?
  • Thankfully, a human can still beat a robot at ping-pong.
  • Have you remodeled any of the rooms in your home? Enter this awesome contest from This Old House! 
  • I've been on a berry kick lately. And this is next. 
  • Starting in a couple of weeks, the T will finally be open later on weekends. Boston's MBTA is making strides! Well, kind of
  • J. Crew is having a shoe sale! I scooped these bad boys up this week. After all, Radiant Orchid is the color of the year. 

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Easy DIY Marble Tray

I'm a huge fan of white marble. It's beautiful, clean and elegant with just the perfect amount of swirly imperfection to keep it interesting. It looks great with silver, even better with gold, and can work in any room in your home from the bathroom to the kitchen and even the bedroom or living room.
^ Dreamy marble kitchen 

I've been seeing a lot of really cool marble trays lately that I love, but I couldn't believe how much they cost (sometimes over $200 each)!  So, when I spotted a pretty piece of marble bathroom tile at Home Depot for $3, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to make my own and add a little touch of white marble to our home.

So here's a DIY marble tray that's so simple I don't even know if you can call it a DIY. And also, 5 ways to use it!

Here's what you need:
- A marble floor tile (we found ours at Home Depot)
- 2 drawer pulls or handles of your choice
- Felt sticky pads
- Industrial strength glue

Here's how to make it:
With a ruler, measure the width of your marble slab and make dots with a Sharpie on each side to serve as a guide when you glue the drawer handle down. Then, smother the ends of the drawer handles with glue and press them down firmly onto the dots you have made. Next, take a Q-tip and wipe the excess glue from around the drawer handles. Finally, let dry for at least an hour and then flip over to add the felt pads to the bottom.

And here's some ways to use it!

1. Bathroom Tray
Stick this in your bathroom as a pretty way hold your favorite perfumes & jewelry.
2. Drink Tray
Shots, anyone?
3. Decorative Tray
Add some fun decorative accents and then put on top of your favorite table or dresser.
4. Serving Tray
Perfect for cheese or that rare breakfast in bed treat!
5. Nailpolish Caddy
This is what I decided on, and I know it will come in very handy as we move into summer, when I change up my color almost every week.

How would you use it?

Friday, March 7, 2014

This week on Marlborough 3.07

 ^Boston Public Library looking lovely as always this week 

A few highlights from the week...
  • Our bedroom rug came! And my feet have never been happier.
  • We upgraded our thermostat to the Nest this past weekend, and I was so impressed with how easy they make it to install. We're loving being able to turn the heat up from our phones before we get home from work at night (and being able to turn it down from anywhere every time we forget). Plus, it looks pretty cool too.
  • My bridesmaids dress for the much anticipated #shippeetefftwed came and I love it! What do you think?
  • It was light out on my walk home last night and I couldn't believe how much I'd missed that. Can't wait to #springforward.

And a few fun things from around the web...
  • I'm so excited for the Oh Joy for Target party collection! Check out the #ohjoyfortarget hashtag on Instagram to see photos of the awesome launch brunch she hosted over the weekend.
  • I'd like to ski here for the weekend.
  • Pretty impressed with this DIY old leather couch transformation.
  • Theresa and juicy Joe finally pled guilty and are probably going to jail. I'm a little worried about what that means for RHONJ.
  • I love these cute potted DIY craft ideas for St. Patrick's Day (1//2).
  • There are good people in the world.
  • A wine lovers dream come true.
  • What kind of cat are you? I'm a Maine Coon!
  • This whole outfit makes me want summer (and this dress) pretty bad.
  • And finally, snakes chasing people. Watch for a good laugh!

Happy Friday :)

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Better Barefoot: A new rug!

Our new bedroom rug came yesterday! And aside from the feat of getting it under our very heavy king-size bed, we are loving it so far and our pale, cold feet couldn't be happier. Here's a little peek into our rug buying experience.

Affording/Choosing/Buying a Rug
We've been saving for this fluffy piece of heaven for a while. If there's one thing I've learned about rugs, it's that if you want them to last, you need to spend money, even if it means saving your pennies while you live with bare floors for a little. We knew we needed one back in November when it started to really get chilly in our garden-level bedroom, but weren't able to finally splurge until the end of February. A nice rug is a BIG investment, but we knew that it would be worth it in the long run to have a good-quality rug that we loved and worth it in the short run to survive the rest of this year's winter mornings when it's almost unbearable to get out of bed onto those icy hardwoods. I can't tell you how satisfying it was to step out of bed this morning onto warm fuzziness. Mac even chose to sleep on the rug instead of his beloved bed. That's love.

When it came to choosing the rug, I knew we needed 3 things:
1. A Moroccan style rug to match the rugs in the rest of our home
2. A white or ivory rug to brighten up the bedroom and match the neutral vibe we've got goin' on in there
3. A shag or sheepskin style rug to keep our toes warm

I particularly loved all the shag rugs inspired by traditional Moroccan Berber rugs that I'd been seeing trending in the design space. They were cozy and neutral, but they had the perfect amount of geometric pattern to keep them interesting and bring a little life to a room. Most of them were also made of wool, which is resilient, naturally stain-resistant, and will wear well and get even better over time. I'd nailed down the style, but just had to find the right one.
^ Inspiration: 1//2//3//4//5//6

And here's some of the rugs I was considering...

In the end we went with the last option above (NuLoom Marabella Moroccan Shag Ivory Kilim Rug) because it fit all the criteria above and I got the best discount from Wayfair. :) It has a discreet Moroccan pattern, is the perfect ivory color, is soft and shaggy, and is 100% wool. I think it's safe we are very happy with our decision. 
What do you think!? I think Mac's the most smitten with this particular addition to our home. Josh and I caught him circling the bed full speed this morning rubbing his body along the rug. It was so funny - I'll try to get a video to share!